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30 Things About Your Life With Migraine

This is a reader-submitted story.

1. chronic migraine
2. 10 a month (thanks to botox)
3. when I was 12
4. depression, anxiety, nerve pain
5. 3 supplements, 1 medication prevention and 1 medication for an attack
6. scary
7. dizziness, tunnel vision, blindness, fatigue, confusion
8. smelling things that aren’t there
9. weather, alcohol
10. I yawn excessively or feel super hyper.
11. The unbearable pain
12. Making it through the day
13. I hope I have enough medication to get me through the month
14. “I’m sorry. You should try…”
15. I’m so sorry ☹
16. Pppht – that is NOT anything like a real migraine
17. Medication & coca-cola during/French fries for nausea. Friends for support
18. The migraine community. Friends. Dogs
19. Oh, I get headaches too.
20. I get migraines, too. I don’t know how you can handle so many in a month.
21. Anything kind is always appreciated
22. Still looking for a good neurologist – most of the time, I have to educate them.
23. That there’s no cure – I could have them for the rest of my life.
24. My limitations
25. Just for today, I can do something for 12 hours that would appall me if I felt I had to keep it up for a lifetime
26. I wouldn’t want to tell my 12 year old self that she was in for a lifetime of pain.
27. Friends and my mom.
28. It’s like pouring water on a circuit board – my whole brain just fizzles out – the pain is just one part.
29. We need more $$ for research!!!!
30. It’s harder than you can imagine. I am affected with crippling exhaustion and scrambled brain the day before and the day after the attack – so take the 10 days a month of actual pain days and triple it to get the real number of sucky days a month.

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