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30 things on my migraines drop in buckey

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1. I have nonstop migraines for months at a time
2. 3 days plus nasty day after if not continual
3. Extreme vertigo one night watching tv but first ocular no headache caring for Mom with advanced Alzheimer’s
5. Last year finally
6. Honestly changes there’s herniated discs stomach oh all kinds of issues to the point what is migraine and what else is going on Fear
7. Between vitamins ect over 20 plus plus plus ice plus physical therapy plus trigger points plus dry needles moving on to acupuncture and piercing possible
8. Madness anxiety nausea vkmiting dizziness vertigo new stuff all the time
9. Triptans major anaphylaxis reaction Maybe sulfa based Migranal allergy to dextrose feverfew allergy to NSAIDs ALL Turmeric works but swelled up muscle relaxants cortisone taurine magnesium b vitamins Xanax Not done yet!!
10. Try to get out of bed stay out of bed till must rest
11. Weather fronts Florescent lights lots sugar Emotionsl dress ESP ex because emotionally abusive
12. I don’t feel like me anymore
13. Strokes losing my mind
14. Oh try this…
15. I wish I could take aspirin
16. Dark rooms quiet and ice and support from unexpected sources
17. My home
18. Why are you so upset
19. So how’s it doing today
20. Understand when I have to cancel
21. You have a right to feel upset with having a real disease
22. I had to quit work and can’t work if tgere are Florescent lights
/3. My life has bed. Brought to a daily struggle to just do the basics
24. To have patience and many people suffer from them
25. Emotions only last 90 seconds physical your fear or anxiety will pass It’s just the migraine talking
26. Learn every thing you can about this disease NOW
27. The ones who helped me most during my parents illnesses ESP my mothers
28. There’s very little you can do to control it just trying to deal every day is truly a struggle sometimes It controls my life not vice versa
29. It needs more publicity and we need to know we are not alone in this very alienating disease
30. There are so many destructive diseases out tgere Migraines are just one of a vast amount of suffering The key us we all suffer if not now at another point so let’s practice compassion for each other (hard to do when migraines make me angry. But it’s a daily struggle!)

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