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Thank you for Reminding Me That I am Not Alone! 30 things about my migraine life

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1. My diagnosis is: Chronic Migraine

2. My migraine attack frequency is: I have head pain almost daily, approximately 20-25 day’s per month. The severity and symptoms vary daily. Botox is beginning to show me some relief though, for about 6 weeks between injections!

3. I was diagnosed in: 2004 and initially I was episodic, the last few years I have been in an Intractable state.

4. My comorbid conditions include: History of TIA, Congenital Heart Defect. May be related, the Migraines started after the TIA and an Atrial Implant.

5. I have Botox injections every 90 day’s currently, supplemental daily and abortive medications.
I could not possible remember all of the deifferent medications that I have tried. The most effective form of treatment for me was Nerve Blocks. They provided relief for approximately 3 weeks and then I would slide right back in to the same chronic state though.

6. My first migraine attack was: In 2004. I thought that I was dying, having a stroke. I started initially having what I would refer to as a 10,000.00 headache (emergency room visit and the complete work up) just a couple of times per year!

7. My most disabling migraine symptoms are: Numbness, tingling, weakness (stroke like), Constant Vertigo and Head Pain. My right temple hurts constantly. Just varying degrees of pain…forgetfulness, cognitive abilities and reasoning skills and simply communicating.

8. My strangest migraine symptoms are: Constant Yawning. Cognitive impairment, trouble speaking and comprehending. Phantom smells. Last week I was in the hospital, I started to brush my teeth with blistex! The really sad thing was that I just acknowledged with the Nurse that Blistex was a great thing to give out, since you get so dehydrated in the hospital. And then, I started to brush my teeth with it!
9. My biggest migraine triggers are: Lights (fluorescent mostly), smells, noise. Weird, random, unexplained, and varying. Certain stores, hardware stores, plastics, fertilizers, exhaust fumes etc.,

10. I know a migraine attack is coming on when: The Back of my Neck starts getting stiff. This is usually but not always the first sign.

11. The most frustrating part about having a migraine attack is: I can not accurately predict it or control it. The only thing that seems to help is doing as little as possible…It is extremely difficult to work, concentrate, think clearly and/or do anything at all.

12. During a migraine attack, I worry most about: all of the symptoms, could this be more than a migraine…what if I am having a stroke?

13. When I think about migraine between attacks, I think: Wow, I feel half decent today 🙂

14. When I tell someone I have migraine, the response is usually: Oh, yea, I hate headaches etc.

15. When someone tells me they have migraine, I think: Oh, I am so sorry, how can I help you?

16. When I see commercials about migraine treatments, I think: Yea, whatever! Very frustrating to see all of the so called cures/guarantees for migraine sufferers. “Dr. Oz said” yea, yeah, yea…

17. My best coping tools are: Quiet and Rest.

18. I find comfort in: My doctor’s understanding of Migraines and my personal support system, my spouse and my family members that understand.

19. I get angry when people say: Did you have another headache?

20. I like it when people say: I can’t imagine what that is like and/or I hope that you can find relief soon.

21. Something kind someone can do for me during a migraine attack is: Be understanding that I am not myself, physically, cognitively and/or emotionally. Try not to ask me a lot of questions or try to engage in conversation. It is just too difficult to think, let alone communicate effectively.

22. The best thing(s) a doctor has ever said to me about migraine is: You are not alone. There so many people just like you, in chronic pain. We will keep trying 🙂

23. The hardest thing to accept about having migraine is: It is unpredictable and only slightly manageable.

24. Migraine has taught me: To embrace my good hour’s and occasional day’s to the fullest. Get as much accomplished as possible while I feel decent!

25. The quotation, motto, mantra, or scripture that gets me through an attack is: This too shall pass 🙂

26. If I could go back to the early days of my diagnosis, I would tell myself: You ain’t seen nothing yet, yikes!

27. The people who support me most are: My husband and my Neurologist.

28. The thing I most wish people understood about migraine is: It is not just a bad headache and each of us have our own array of triggers, symptoms and solutions. Caffeine does not bother me even though it may trigger others. Icing my forehead does not help me either, it makes me feel worse. Yes, I get plenty of rest, I eat well, I take pretty darn good care of myself!

And as soon as my head stops hurting and the constant state of dizziness lets up for a little while, I will begin to exercise more too 🙂

29. Migraine and Headache Awareness Month is important to me because: Unless you have experienced a migraine, you couldn’t possibly understand all of the complex neurological side effects that go along with the headache.

30. One more thing I’d like to say about life with migraine is: Challenging, enjoy your good day’s to the fullest 🙂

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