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This is a reader-submitted story.

1. My diagnosis chronic migraine with aura, idiopathic migraine.
2. Frequency is down to twice a month which is amazing considering where I came from. I am normally completely down 2-2.5 days. When I say down I mean laying in the dark and vomiting.
3. When exactly I was diagnosed is hard to say. As a child I had ice pick headaches, then had no issues until about two years ago. (I’m 32 now).
4. My co-morbid issues are anxiety, depression, hypertension, adhd and ocd.
5. I take 3 medications daily for prevention and I’ve got 3 more in my “arsenal”.
6. As a child my first migraines were scary and eventually frustrating because no one believed me. While the stigmas are getting better there’s still a long way to go. Actually as an adult if I’m totally honest that hasn’t changed much. Although doctors and my family believe me now, I do still feel judged. Some of it is my own insecurity and some of it is real.
7. My most disabling symptoms are the pain and vomiting. Also photophobia.
8. Strangest symptom is before the pain hits. My eyes look like I am looking through a telescope for a split second before they come into focus. This is when I try to take my rescue.
9. Biggest triggers are sunlight and getting too hot for too long.
10. I know an attack is coming when my eyes start not focusing.
11. The most frustrating thing during an attack is I can’t do it all. Whether it’s housework or just general ‘stuff’ . I also tend to beat myself up because I can’t spend time with loved ones.
12. During an attack I worry most about my husband having to do everything. Makes me feel worthless. I also worry about missing time with our kids.
13. In between attacks I have made it a game thinking about if I go x amount more days I will beat my record. Kind of silly but it helps me carry on.
14. When I tell someone about my migraine the response is either- a. “oh I get those”, or b. “oh I knew so and so who has that and they just…insert home remedy here”. There are also those that truly get it and they are great.
15. Depends on how well I know them. After I started getting migraines and would be completely down for several days, some friends would say “oh I get those” and as mean as this is going to sound I sometimes internally roll my eyes–if I know them well and talk to them nearly every day and I didn’t know they had migraines, perhaps they have the wrong idea of what migraines are. If I don’t know someone or if I’ve known them and they do have true migraine disease I immediately feel compassion and a sort of comrodery, I’m not alone and neither are they.
16. When I see an advertisement-Man I hope that works!!!! When I see the otc ads it infuriates me–don’t you think if there was something I could take and poof my pain was gone I’d do it??????
17. My best coping things are my husband mom, my rescue meds and ice packs.
18. I find comfort in my support system and the fact there are new meds in the works. I also find reading online helps me know I’m not alone or crazy.
19. Refer to question 15 🙂 I get so angry when migraines are diminished as something that can be easily taken care of. I also get infuriated-I keep this to myself because it’s silly but I get infuriated when someone says I have a ‘headache’ when I’ve been down for two days in the dark and vomiting.
20. The kindest thing anyone can say is Quit worrying and lay down. I love you. I’m right here. All of those are number one 🙂
21. Something kind people can do-Help with house work and just sit with me. Don’t have to say anything but it helps if I’m not alone for days on end.
22. Best thing a doctor has said to me- I’m not giving up.
23. The hardest thing for me to accept-Sometimes I simply have to stop. Period. And when I ignore that I def pay for it.
24. Migraine has taught me Patience. To be nicer to myself and my body, and to listen to my body.
25. My mantra to get me through-It’s something called mass acceptance. Learned it from a migraine page. It means simply if you can’t change it-if it’s not in your power to change it-you aren’t allowed to worry about it. Easier said than done sometimes but it helps a lot. Also nothing lasts forever.
26. I would tell my younger self-Listen to your body!!!!! You are making it worse.
27. The people who support me most- My husband, mom and my inner circle.
28. I wish most people understood-we are all doing the best we can. We aren’t faking it. Just because you can’t *see* a migraine doesn’t mean it’s not there.
29. Migraine awareness month is important to me So migrainers know they aren’t alone and all the silly things they think aren’t silly at all. Tons of people have the same thoughts. It’s really great to know you aren’t alone. Also so the general public has a better understanding of what migraines are and maybe we can reach one person.
30. One more thing about life with migraines-Do as much as you can when you can and then respect your body and its limitations. Sometimes migraines try to define us but do your best every day to know they don’t have to. Try and keep positive and learn to laugh and love yourself-your whole self. Migraines and all.

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