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Living My Life With Migraine

This is a reader-submitted story.

What’s it like for you to live with migraine?
I was diagnosed as being chronic, but have recently been re-diagnosed as transformed.
I usually have one migraine a month lasting 7-10 days.
I was diagnosed in 1991.
I usually am sensitive to light, sound, smells and I have tension in my shoulder, my left ear hurts and sometimes my eyes hurt.
I take six different kinds of medications as my preventatives, two different abortives, and I have seven different things I can take during the migraine.
My first migraine attack was while I was pregnant with my son in 1990.
My most disabling symptoms are the light sensativity, when my eyes hurt, smells, and noise.
My most disabling symptom is the light/eyes.
the strangest is my left ear hurts.
My biggest triggers are smells, especially perfume/cologne. When I forget to eat.
I can tell a migraine is coming; I start yawning a lot, I feel tired, I drink more liquids.
The most frustrating part of having a migraine is not having a room dark enough or cool enough or when your medications don’t work.
I worry most about my job, my income, and being able to pay my bills when I have a migraine.
I hope I don’t have another migraine for a long time so I can have a normal pay check.
people usually don’t say to much when I say I get migraines, especially at work. So I usually don’t share.
when someone shares with me they get migraines, I sympathize with them and usually share I do too.
When I see commercials, I get irretated because how they portray the people. They make it seem like migraines are not as debilitating as they are. People lose their jobs, homes, spouses, etc
MY best coping skill is knowing that I’m doing everything that I’m supposed to be doing.
I find comfort in knowing I’m not alone and I’ve made friends on Facebook support group.
I get angry when people suggest to me to just start over with all of my medications. Or when they say I take too much medication.
I like it when people express an interest in wanting to genuinely learn more about migraines.
Something kind someone could do for me when I have migraine is making sure I have food or something to eat.
The best thing my doctor ever said to me was they don’t have to worry about me abusing my pain meds.
The hardest thing to accept about migraine is you never know when they are going to hit you.
Migraines have taught me that having good health is priceless.
Love all, Trust a few, Do wrong to none-Shakespeare
I would tell myself to take care of myself, practice yoga more and meditate more.
I’m not sure how to answer who supports me. I guess it would be the people in the FB support group.
The thing I wish people understood about migraines are; it’s not a choice, they are real, we are not faking it, and there is real pain involved.
Migraine Awareness Month is important because it is our opportunity to bring awareness to the public.
Migraines are not a part of my life that I would have chosen. It seems like they have increased due to major life changes over the last five years. I would give anything to go back five years and have my health back and less stress. I feel I try my best to do what I’m suppose to do; eat right, get enough rest, try to avoid stress, etc. I don’t want to miss work anymore, (I want to be treated the same at work), I want a full paycheck to be able to pay my bills, I don’t want to struggle pay my bills anymore. I want to be able to have enough money to buy groceries. I need new glasses, but how do we get those when we cant pay all the bills or buy groceries. (This is on a single ingle income) These are all my concerns in my vicious circle; so scratch the stress.
This is Living My Life With Migraine

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