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30 Things about Roseanne’s Life

This is a reader-submitted story.

1. My diagnosis is: Chronic Migraine, NDPH
2. My migraine attack frequency is: Daily
3. I was diagnosed in: 2013
4. My comorbid conditions include: Depression, Anxiety, Coeliac Disease, PCOS
5. I take __2__ medications/supplements each day for prevention and __2__ medications/supplements to treat an acute attack
6. My first migraine attack was: 14
7. My most disabling migraine symptoms are: Pain, paralysis
8. My strangest migraine symptoms are: Aphasia, toilet troubles
9. My biggest migraine triggers are: Dark Chocolate, the smell of ammonia (hair dye)
10. I know a migraine attack is coming on when: I crave salt, my dog won’t leave me alone
11. The most frustrating part about having a migraine attack is: being unable to do anything
12. During a migraine attack, I worry most about: what is going on inside my head, how much it affects those I love.
13. When I think about migraine between attacks, I think: I’m glad I’m getting a break, no matter how small it is.
14. When I tell someone I have migraine, the response is usually: I didn’t realise how bad they could be
15. When someone tells me they have migraine, I think: I understand.
16. When I see commercials about migraine treatments, I think: I wish it worked, we need more advertisements about migraines themselves.
17. My best coping tools are: My mum, boyfriend, animals and Migraineur Misfits.
18. I find comfort in: knowing people who genuinely understand what I go through and knowing people who care.
19. I get angry when people say: ‘there is always someone worse off then you’
20. I like it when people say: I’m here for you (and mean it)
21. Something kind someone can do for me during a migraine attack is: just be there for me (and bring me ice lollies!).
22. The best thing(s) a doctor has ever said to me about migraine is: I believe you.
23. The hardest thing to accept about having migraine is: that it is disabling and it’s not going away anytime soon.
24. Migraine has taught me: to look after my body.
25. The quotation, motto, mantra, or scripture that gets me through an attack is: ‘You can get through this, your success rate for getting through bad days is 100%’
26. If I could go back to the early days of my diagnosis, I would tell myself: This migraine WILL break and there will be days without a migraine. (You are also about to meet some wonderful people)
27. The people who support me most are: My mum and my boyfriend.
28. The thing I most wish people understood about migraine is: It truly is life changing and we do not choose it.
29. Migraine and Headache Awareness Month is important to me because: It can save lives.
30. One more thing I’d like to say about life with migraine is: diagnosis is key. I was ignored when my migraines started so I ended up with chronic migraine from the start, I had a three year migraine/NDPH that broke upon my coeliac diagnosis then was two years into my second three year migraine before I got my diagnosis. By that point I was disabled by it and my life had fallen apart. Awareness is needed so people can get the RIGHT diagnosis.

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