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30 Things About Matt’s Life with NDPH!

This is a reader-submitted story.

1. 12 yrs
2. It started 6-8 months after a concussion and my mother passing away.
3. It took about 6 months after it started to get the first diagnosis of migraine.
4. My pain level fluctuates between a 4 and a 10. Most of the time it’s at the higher end of the scale.
5. Typical pain level is about a 10
6. My symptoms include nausea, memory problems, loss of vision in one eye or the other, sensitivity to light, odor, sound, being touched and speech problems/ coordination problems depending on severity of headache.
7. I have tried numerous medications, pain management, chriropractors, massage therapy, ice, heat, darkness, acupuncture, natural medicine.
8. I take 3-4 OTC pain meds and 6-8 supplements a day. There doesn’t seem to be any prevention. Just dealing with the pain.
9. I get an ice pack, take something for nausea, otc pain meds, try to sleep.
10. That headaches are still a mystery and no on seems to have any answers.
11. Family reactions, interaction, living.
12. “Oh, it;s just a headache. It can’t be that bad. I have headaches all the time and I can still work and do things.”
13. Depressed
14. Haven’t been able to work because of sensitivity to light, sound, smells, and coordination problems.
15. Can’t do family things, no family vacations, no family get togethers.
16. Life-Changing!
17. My wife and daughter.
18. Reading, watching tv.
19. you should be working, it’s just a headache.
20. I have had bad headaches, I can’t imagine what you’re going through.
21. Not sure
22.We will find something that will help you.
23. The headaches never stop. They ease off at times, but they never stop!
24. Patience when interacting with others and dealing with my own feeling.
25. The Day Will Come When All Things Are Better!
26. Do more research, ask more questions, be prepared for all the looks and statements they uninformed people will make!
27. My Wife and Daughter!
28. That NDPH and Migraines of all kinds are not just headaches!!! They are far more and far worse!
29. It helps get the word out and bring attention to the illness/disability! Far more people suffer from Migraines/NDPH than people realize.
30. It teaches us how tough and strong we really are!

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  1. I too have ever-present headache plus /bi-lateral ear pain/leg and foot pain/ arm and hand pain. My headache is from Chiari malformation. I had surgery for it in 1993. It returned use of my arms/hands but headache increased and I developed fibromyalgia from the surgery. I get some relief with treatment at the Diamond Headache Clinic in Chicago. I’ve also been helped by medical qigong and myofascial release.

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