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30 Things About My Life With Migraine

This is a reader-submitted story.

1. My diagnosis is: Chronic Migraine
2. My migraine attack frequency is: 2-3 a week
3. I was diagnosed in: 1997 or 1998
4. My comorbid conditions include: depression/anxiety
5. I take _2_ medications/supplements each day for prevention and _3 medications/supplements to treat an acute attack
6. My first migraine attack was: first I vividly remember was 1994, but may have had one before that
7. My most disabling migraine symptoms are: light sensitivity/nauseaa
8. My strangest migraine symptoms are: increased smell sensitivity, strange cravings for spicy food
9. My biggest migraine triggers are: sleep deprivation, skipping meals, weather changes
10. I know a migraine attack is coming on when:I get a pain behind my right eye
11. The most frustrating part about having a migraine attack is: I have to just “drop out” of life
12. During a migraine attack, I worry most about: having a brain tumor
13. When I think about migraine between attacks, I think: how tired I am of always having to tell my husband I have another one
14. When I tell someone I have migraine, the response is usually: So, you have a headache, whatev…
15. When someone tells me they have migraine, I think: You have my sympathy…let’s talk drugs-what works for you (in the hopes that they might have a treatment I haven’t tried yet)
16. When I see commercials about migraine treatments, I think: Damn, already tried that…
17. My best coping tools are: Netflix (sometimes), drugs (for about 30 mins.), box fan
18. I find comfort in: Knowing there are a lot of us-there is research being done, and (sorry it is selfish) knowing others have it worse.
19. I get angry when people say: I recently found out my daughters talked between themselves about how I was exaggerating.
20. I like it when people say: I’m just happy when I don’t get questioned about it. Like if I say I have to go home or can’t come in or whatever, and they just say, ok, hope you feel better.
21. Something kind someone can do for me during a migraine attack is: don’t open the bedroom door-it makes the dogs bark-keep it dark and quiet.
22. The best thing(s) a doctor has ever said to me about migraine is: just naming it and beginning to prescribe “real” meds for it.
23. The hardest thing to accept about having migraine is: that I know I’m going to have another one…
24. Migraine has taught me: my ex-husband was an asshole. My second husband is a saint.
25. The quotation, motto, mantra, or scripture that gets me through an attack is: “It’s not a tumor” from Kindergarten Cop
26. If I could go back to the early days of my diagnosis, I would tell myself: Take your rescue meds earlier-it’s not going to go away.
27. The people who support me most are: My husband-he mostly leaves me alone and lets me rest-but checks on me every couple of hours or so to see if I need anything. He never complains, even though it has got to frustrate him to have to deal with me having headaches so often.
28. The thing I most wish people understood about migraine is: it’s not “just a headache!!!!!”
29. Migraine and Headache Awareness Month is important to me because: I want people to realize what we are dealing with and I want them to figure out how to “cure” us…
30. One more thing I’d like to say about life with migraine is: Thank god we don’t have to keep ice picks in the house anymore–I’d have already used it to stab myself in the eye by now. Sorry I didn’t put some inspirational quote, but this crap is miserable.

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