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Announcing TheraSpecs Classic, a Timeless Fashion Frame

TheraSpecs Classic, our newest, lightest, and most affordable frame style is now available! As you can see, this timeless style looks great on both women and men, whether worn indoors or out. Plus, they weigh in at only 22 grams. Classics are only $99 for indoor lenses and $129 for polarized outdoors lenses. Classic frames can also be ordered with prescription lenses for a slightly higher cost. Email us for details on Rx orders or on sending in frames for totally custom TheraSpecs at


Wondering why I’m advertising migraine glasses? TheraSpecs is the company my husband, Hart, and I started after my neurologist told me that wearing sunglasses indoors was increasing my photophobia. He told me about a special tint that reduces light sensitivity, but I had trouble ordering glasses with that tint. Hart used his product management background to source frames that fit all my requirements and I loved them so much that we decided to start a company to make them readily available to anyone who is sensitive to light. You can read about our journey to start TheraSpecs in Big News for Relief From Photophobia & Sensitivity to Fluorescent Lighting (CFLs) and learn more about TheraSpecs on our website and by following us on Facebook and Twitter.

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