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Good News & Bad News in Last Couple Weeks

Bad news: The migraines have reached a level 8 or 9 nearly every day. Being on the computer has been a huge trigger.

Good news: Although the pain levels have been high every day, I was only laid flat one day. I’ve gotten out by myself several weekdays each week, seeing a therapist and a physical therapist, going to the grocery store and even doing some retail therapy (Buffalo Exchange opened nearby in October!).

Hart and I have gone out at least one day each of the last three weekends, visiting the aquarium, the natural history museum and the science museum. We’ve gotten coffee, crepes and hamburgers. Maxalt, a triptan, has been working for me lately, and I’ve taken it for nearly all these excursions. Even then, I usually wind up taking Midrin, naproxen and sometimes Zofran. (I’m careful to not overuse any of them.) The benefits to my spirits are worth taking meds.

Exercise is becoming a more regular part of my days. I try to walk a couple miles a day, whether on the treadmill or while out and about. Today I jogged on the treadmill for a minute! A yoga therapist has come over for a few private sessions. I’ve learned an excellent restorative pose and a modified sun salutation practice. Moving my body is blissful and my body feels better when I move it.

In my outings, I’ve spent some time in Davis Square, a neighborhood that feels homey. (It’s where Buffalo Exchange is.) Getting excited about a place here is reducing the homesickness a bit, though knowing that Seattle has been in bloom for a month is troublesome.

Tomorrow I head to Phoenix for a week. My sister and I are meeting to help our mom prepare the house to sell in the fall. I’m eager to bask in 70 degree weather while wearing summer clothes. Going through storage sheds and closets should be fun, too – an archaeological dig of sorts.

So the news is mostly good. I still have awful hours every day, but I feel more like I’m living life than I have in years.

11 thoughts on “Good News & Bad News in Last Couple Weeks”

  1. It’s good to hear you are managing your Migraines! Between 3rd grade and Junior year of high school, I had AT LEAST 1 migraine a week and the teachers/nurses would tell me that only women get them….I went to the Doc and he prescribed me some medicine used for depression. Didn’t work. After a while, the meds changed the way I acted, and I got off them. My Mother bought a bottle of Excedrin Migraine and within 15 mins or so, my headache was gone…..I strongly suggest trying it! anyways, good luck, and godspeed…

  2. i had lots of problems with migraine too, it became worse every time i was working on my computer and after using my cell phone a lot. a friend knows a lot about electronic smog, which is pollution from household devices. He suggested something called Unicmatrix. Looked a bit strange to me. But I tried it… what can one lose? wearing unicmatrix since January… my migraine is gone 🙂 I believe that electronicsmog is a rising risk in todays life and health. which is also confirmed by the WHO.

  3. I live In arizona It really doesn’t make my constant headache pain go away I WISH IT WAS THE EASY! if anything the 112 degree weather makes it worse. Does anyone else live here and suffer from Migraines?

  4. I’ve suffered with migraines for over twenty years myself, and have run through all of the preventative drugs – twice – as well as the many combinations of pain relievers. I follow your blog and understand your frustration with the way it interferes with daily living. Have you tried to restrict your diet at all? I discovered that if I cut out all preservatives, etc, it minimized the pain to some degree. It didn’t stop the migraines, but it does dial down the intensity. Be well!

  5. Hi Kerrie,
    Hope all went well in Phoenix..did the change in weather (barometric pressure and humidity) help with your headaches? I have heard many people say their headaches improved in Arizona due to the dry climate.
    Take care..

  6. Glad to hear that you are still getting out. I’ve been down with an on/off migraine for what seems like 2 months. Probably going to change my meds again next week. I hate the thought of going back on stupomax, I mean Topamax, but it worked for a long time so we shall try it again. I got out to the botanical gardens this weekend and even to the farm for a couple days. Felt good. wishing the pain would go away long enough for me to catch up on housework. i feel better when the house is clean, or at least not a pigsty. Thanks for the update!

  7. I just want to let you know how much your blog has helped me. I do not suffer from headaches myself, but have a boyfriend who has struggled with a constant headache for over four years now. I hate to say this since I do feel blessed to not have them personally, but it has been really hard for me over the years to deal with his pain. The more personal stories I have read, yours in particular, has made it much easier for me to understand what he deals with everyday and be a much more caring and helpful girlfriend to him. I appreciate you sharing your experiences and do hope you will find relief someday. I want to commend your loving husband as well because as the partner of someone who suffers with headaches, I know that it can be difficult to cope. My hat goes off to both of you.

  8. I’m so glad to hear that life is looking and feeling better for you Kerrie. I know that you have been through such a dark time and I’m delighted to see that you are starting to see the world in colours again (as opposed to the persistent grey nature of depression and pain).

    It sounds like you are doing all the right things to maintain the healthiest and most pain-free life possible. Way to go Kerrie!

  9. Your blog has been such an informative and incredible help to me. Upon suggestions from friends and family, I have started a blog for myself to talk about migraines, and life associated with it. I have attached the site address if you want to check it out…I’m still learning how to use my page, but if it’s ok with you I’d like to put you as a “blog I follow”



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