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Relpax Aborted a Migraine!

I woke in the night with the early stages of a migraine. After trying to wishing it away, I took Relpax. Triptans (migraine abortive drugs) have never been effective for me, but though it might work since I caught the migraine at the beginning. It did! I was exhausted this morning, but had very little head pain. The last couple months have been so bad that I’m extremely grateful.

WebMD’s triptan overview is excellent. Check out specific drug websites for detailed information on each one:

I’m dropping off my Relpax prescription right now!

7 thoughts on “Relpax Aborted a Migraine!”

  1. The only Drug that helps me from the awful headaches I have is Migrelief. It helps me right away, I don’t feel dizzy and sleepy after taking the medicine.

  2. I used to use Imitrex (it worked for a year and then stopped all together) probably about 2 years ago or so. I started a week long episode probably a month ago or so and nothing was working. One of my specialists had given me some like 6 months ago “just in case I wanted to try it again sometime” her words are that I need an arsenal! Well, I gave up and tried it, and it did work but, only that one day, it came back the next day so, I tried it again…nothing. The way I look at it is any pain free days I can have I will take. I don’t get many so, I look at them as a gift!

  3. Hi Kerrie,
    I am glad the Relpax worked for reading some of your posts the past few weeks I know you have had a rough month.

    All of the studies on the timing of triptans have shown you have about a 90% chance of aborting it if you treat in the first hour. Believe it or drops to 15% (!) if you wait til the second hour.

  4. I tried a few Triptans at the beginning of my saga with no relief, and bad side effects. I recently found Maxalt is helpful for me…sometimes. I have a hard time recognizing migraine from my usual pain though. I don’t get an acute onset, so it’s usually too late by the time I realize it. The Maxalt can sometimes take most of the migraine away, but I still have the general head pain and the neck pain.

  5. Relpax worked really well for me too as long as I took it right away. I would take it with any pre-migraine symptoms– symptoms that would usually lead to a migraine within hours and had great success with it.

  6. I’m glad to hear you had a good result with Relpax. YAY! I have to say it’s my favorite of all the triptans. The one with the fewest side effects for me. I hope you are able to have continued success with it.

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