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Headache & Migraine News Updates on The Daily Headache

I’m forever reading news I want to share with you, then don’t have the energy to write a post. News & Notes, now in the right sidebar, highlights important stories in the news and on blogs. Follow any of the links and you’ll see my comments on the story.

I’ll still write in-depth posts sometimes, but would rather share them with short comments than not at all.

3 thoughts on “Headache & Migraine News Updates on The Daily Headache”

  1. I have looked at this site several times trying to figure out how to help my husband. I wanted to let you know we tried something that is working miracles for him and his headaches. I couldn’t find anything about it on this site. Please check into NUCCA. Its sounds weird and we were leary of it, but we were also desperate. Only one treatment so far and he is a new person. I hope it helps more people going through what we are.

  2. thank you for finding to strength to keep us up to date. your site is still bringing much needed support and comfort to people like me. like i say,
    stay strong
    stay positive
    stay hopefull
    stay calm

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