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Generic Form of Migraine Abortive Imitrex Available By December 2008

Sumatriptan, the generic form of Imitrex, is scheduled to be available by the end of 2008. Although Imitrex is available as a tablet, nasal spray and injection, sumatriptan will only be available in tablets of 25, 50 or 100 mg. It will be distributed by Ranbaxy.

GlaxoSmithKline no longer offers coupons for Imitrex. In the meantime, you can save on the pricey prescription by signing up for $25 off Imitrex coupons from GlaxoSmithKline. I was skeptical because your mailing address is required to receive the coupons. I signed up a couple years ago and it hasn’t been intrusive. Mailings are about four times a year and there’s no indication they’ve sold my address.

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  1. I have been taking the generic Sumatriptan 6mg injections that are manufactured by Sandoz Pharmaceuticals. The last batch I got, the injection pen wouldn’t fire. I unscrewed the pen and the syringe fell out & stuck me in my leg. Pen would just fire on it’s own and medication squirted everywhere. Walgreens did replace it with a different brand that was manufactured in India. At least the pens are pre-loaded and work. Sandoz seriously needs to fix this issue with their generic version of Sumatriptan. Have had migraines since age 6. I also have to take Maxalt MLT as my insurance will only pay for 6 injections. I used Maxalt for years and lately, it hasn’t been helping much. Hence the switch back to generic Imitrex.

  2. I have had a headache every day since I was 12; sometimes they develop into full blown migranes that lasts for 2-3 days typically. Is there any medicine, treatment out there that can relieve the headaches? I cannot afford alot since I am on a limited income. I am in my 40s now; also it is genetic since my mother and grandmother both have these same syptoms. Doctors have told us “you just have to live with it.”

  3. I am so glad I found this site!!! I thought my migraines were getting worse again after all these years but believe now it’s because the generic isn’t doing its trick. I’m 58 and they began at birth of first daughter 36 years ago. I so agree with the majority that the generic is not the same at all as Imitrex. I was managing my migrains – now they don’t seem to go away and I’m experiencing other old symptoms with these meds. Dr. Reddy’s wasn’t working but they switched now to another generic from Sun Pharmac – which isn’t working now. I’m going to check the cost of the proven Imetrix. I agree they should do more studies!

  4. If you don’t have an Rx plan the regular price at Walmart in the U.S. is $217.00 for 9 pills of the 100 mg generic sumatriptan. That is still very expensive.

  5. If you don’t have an Rx plan the regular price at Walmart in the U.S. is $217.00 for 9 pills of the 100 mg generic sumatriptan. That is still very expensive.

  6. I’ve had migraines (a genetic legacy form my father) since college in the early 70s. I lost about a day a month to a violent (only word that suits) headache (vomiting, light/sound sensitivity, vision dimming, bla, bla, bla…) until Imitrex was introduced in 1993 or 94. Imitrex (6mg injectable) was a life changer. I’ve tried the pills and spray but the injections work best and turn off the headache like a switch.
    The generic injectable Sumatriptan is produced in the same pharmaceutical plant as Imitrex. The only differences are the label the price, so don’t tell me it doesn’t work.
    I’ve had two periods since college during which I was migraine free. Fifteen years ago I had a herniated disk. I was on a very powerful NSAID, Vioxx (since taken off the market thanks to our litigious culture). I was migraine free for about nine months. I told my neurologist about this and blew me off mumbling something about my perceived connection being coincidental and anecdotal. My second migraine-free period is now. Three months ago, my GP put me on Benicar 20mg for mild hypertension, and 1% AndroGel (male hormone replacement). I’ve not had a hint of a headache since starting these two Rx therapies. I wonder what the neurologist will say about this, but wait, I don’t need to see him!

  7. My wife has serious migraines for as long as I can remember. Last 10 years she took brand Imitrex, which worked fine, even if she seems to be in those 3% that have (tolerable )side effects. Last week she got a generic sumitriptan succinate distributed by TEVA (meaning, it was manufactured God Knows Where). Large, cheap-looking pills. She took one and got violently ill in 30 minutes – vomiting and other gastric symptoms for rest of the day. She said she is not going to take it again under any circumstances, so I took it back to the pharmacy, since I do not know how to properly dispose of poisons. Pharmacy seemed not to know anything about generic’s side effects. I requested new prescription for brand Imitrex, which was promptly sent from doctor’s office. Alas, the pharmacy didn’t stock Imitrex any longer! It was Friday; we were told they will have it Monday. Indeed, they called on Monday to tell us that we can have brand medicine at full price since insurance declined to pay for it. Reason? My wife got the generic just three days ago….

    My insurance monthly premium is ~$1,800. I wonder why people oppose Obama’s health care reform. In Europe two 50mg tablets of Imitrex cost $13 w/o insurance. Must be socialism or something….

  8. I am very fortunate, the imitrex always stops my headaches dead in it’s tracks. I probably take about an average of 250 milligrams a week. they take away the pain completely and that really puts me in a good mood. for those of us who have migraines, being in a good mood is a God send.

  9. My experience with the generic has been super, until recently. The Dr. Reddy’s generic pill I originally took was a small triangle pill that I received in a packet of nine. Then my insurance provider program changed, and I could only receive the pills in a container with four. The prescription could only be renewed every ten days. This was not a problem for me. But the pills were also different from before. Now they were three times bigger, even though they were still 100 mg.
    The problem that developed is that I developed rebound headaches from this pills. It’s possible that it was reaction to my also taking oxycoten pills because of a recent (four weeks) surgery. I decided to endure the pain for a day and try to wean myself off the headache medicine. About12 hours later I tearfully called my doctor’s office. She prescribed a “Z-pac” to check the rebound effect. It seems to be working. I just am fearful of getting a headache anytime soon.

  10. Lee, Don’t forget about “rebound” in which the meds can become ineffective if you take too many too often. Perhaps a better known example is congestion inhalers, in which the user needs to use them more & more to get relief. The common 9/month packaging for imitrex exists because that is a common point at which rebound begins with many folks.

  11. I get my generic imitrex from progressive rx,on the internet, with a prescription from my doctor, I sent to Progressive,. I get 60 of the 50mg pills for around $200. I can take half of one and usually my headache disappears. At that price, I don’t hesitate to take one when I need it.

  12. Well I was just prescribed the imitrex generic 50mg and so far it’s okay. I am new to the migraine world I just started having them. I was also prescribed the inderal but i haven’t started it yet because we’re trying to see if this imitrex generic will work….it’s $15 for 9 pills for me at CVS….wow i didnt realize how expensive this medicine is!

  13. I take Cal Mag daily and as it doesn’t stop the migraines altogether I can treat them with black coffee and ibuprofen and get relief in 20 minutes most of the time.

  14. I have been a user of Imitrex 100mg for 8 years and was anxiously awaiting the release of the generic a while back. Now Dr. Reddy costs me $7 with my insurance and previously Imitrex cost me $48 with insurance (both prices are for 9 pills at Walgreens). I agree with most of you that the Dr. Reddy pill takes longer and doesn’t seem to erase the pain as well. Overall for me it is worth it. Now I can take the generic when there’s a slight chance of a headache coming on. I was always waiting until the “right” moment to take an Imitrex before until I was certain I was going to be in serious pain (but we all know that by then it’s too late!!)

  15. i usually take 25 mg imitrex and migraines are gone within 30 min to 2 hrs. this time the pharmacy refilled with a generic. i’ve took a 50 mg this morning and another 50 mg this evening and the headache has not lessened but is worse. i believe i’ll have to call my physician to request the original. i can’t work and deal with this pain.

  16. If you don’t have an Rx plan the regular price at Walmart in the U.S. is $217.00 for 9 pills of the 100 mg generic sumatriptan. That is still very expensive.

  17. I see a lot of you talking about problems with imitrex pills. I haven’t used the pill form in several years. The disposable nasal inhaler is the best thing since sliced bread. Relief is about the same at injection and 10 X faster than the pill. I’m hoping to find a generic in the inhaler.

  18. I just tried the generic version of Imitrex made by Dr. Reddy. My headache did not completely go away after one pill and was back in full force well before 12 hours. They can say it has the same ingredients as Imitrex, but it DOES NOT work the same. After reading many of the posts on this website, I can see that this is not my imagination. I will be switching back to the real stuff.

  19. Why is there only one generic available? Does anyone know when other (hopefully cheaper and better) generics will be available?

  20. I have also noticed that the generic is not effective in attacking chronic migraines. I have been, once again, in bed for days because migraines have not gone away and very nauseated. It has been years since I have been this bad. I woke early this morning with the thought that perhaps the generic is not working and checked online and found this website. Now I will be penalized by my insurance company for requesting the Imitrex verses the generic. FRUSTRATED!!!!

  21. Just to share, I switched to the Dr. Reddy’s a few months ago and they are working extremely well for me. I only pay $17 for that as opposed to the higher cost for Imitrex. Since we are all paying varying amounts for these meds, I have to question if these price variances are due to individual insurance policy terms and/or variances in pharmacy charges? In the end, I tried Dr. Reddy’s, it works very well for me and saves lots of money. I recommend at least trying it. If it works for you, it is well worth the trial. If not, you can always go back to using what worked best for you. Just wanted to share my experience with this.

  22. I can tell the difference, the generic is weaker by a decent margin and I paid 50 bucks for 18 pills but hell i have taken 36 imitrex over the last week alone for my clusters,thank god for 02

  23. Generic does not work like the real Imitrex. End of story. I agree with all comments. The Dr. Ruddy’s was the same shape as Imitrex and better than the oval Ranbaxy though both inferior at best.

  24. I’ve had to take 2 generic Imitrex pills for my migraines and the pain isn’t completely gone. The worse part is the side effects from the generic. Heaviness, weakness, dizziness. The pharmacy will not take back unopened boxes (I have 3 that I’ve been stock piling because my insurance runs out in two months and I’m losing my prescription plan as well) Just called my doctor to change my prescription back to the brand name. I just hope my insurance will cover this. The generic left me unable to function, I was so weak I was bed ridden.

  25. Generic causes abdominal pain, so I am back to the real thing (Imitrex). Considerable more cost to me, but it’s worth it.

  26. I have been taking Imitrex for years. Wiht great success for Cluster Headaches. This new Generic must be distilled water. Fun thing is it is Manufactured by GlaxoSmithKline of Singapore for the generic Distributor Sandoz Inc……Hmmmm

  27. I have used Imitrex since it came out, with good results. But because of the cost I was so excited when the generic came out. My last 1 1/2 refills were the generic, Dr Reddy. They did not work like Imitrex, migraine was not totally gone, and I always felt not completly well. Headaches were coming one after the other. I went to my drug store and asked for my Imitrex back, I didn’t care if it costs more. The Pharmacist talked me out of it, said to try it longer, so I took the generic and the same thing. I just didn’t feel well and the headaches kept coming. I asked my doctor for a prescription with no substitutes for Imitrex, and I’m back to managing my migraines. Generic not for me. Same ingredients???

  28. I was elated when I heard generic Imitrex injections were going to be available. Imitrex was the only medication that stopped my migraines completely. Well…… much to my dismay, I’m on my fourth day with a migraine and have given myself the generic shot at least once a day. The saving are nice BUT this is not worth it! It takes about three hours for my headache to subside somewhat; I’m nauseated, dizzy, and it ALWAYS returns. This happened only once in five years with Imitrex. Are these all placebos?? Is it ‘back to the emergency room’ for visits? I want to meet the people that mixed this new mess together…

  29. To whom this my concern. I have a big problem when my insurance company tells me I have to take a generic pill(Sumatriptan)that makes me very sick. I have had many stomach surgeries and have a very senitive. I have migranes and end up in the hospital for 5-10 days at a time. I have applealed the decision along with my doctor and they oh well this is the way it is. The insurance compamy doesn’t mind paying for a hospital bill.
    What is a person supposed to do. I am hoping someone from Imitrex will contact me. It very hard to deal with not being able to take Imitrex take has worked for years. Please I am asking for help. I can not afford to buy Imitrex outright. I pay $705 a month for my insurance coverage now.

  30. Refilled my Imitrex prescription last night and noticed today that it is generic instead. Cost was about the same. This generic is RANBAXY, which according to my brief research is an Indian company (with plants in many countries, including China). Anyone know about this company or used their generic Imitrex? Thank you.

  31. Wow. I never expected such feedback nor did I know that so many people, especially women suffer from migraines. (read the response names)

    I have now used the generic for a month now and have mixed results. Most of the time it works the same but last night I took twice the regular dosage and it took 6 hours to really knock it out. Now I’m dragging through the day.

    In the past 2 months, I have tried Zoloft but that doesn’t seem to help. I will definitely try one of the other suggestions.

    When I bought the generic from RiteAide my copay was $15 for four 100mg tablets but I never thought of Walmart. I will go by there and see what that copay will cost me.

    A suggestion for those of you that don’t need 100mg, get that prescription anyway and just divide the tablets. That will decrease your per pill cost. I know that is frowned upon but is a suggestion.

    Thanks for all the feedback.

  32. I really wish they would do more testing and let us “real” migraine sufferers help test these drugs before they go and decide to release it to the market & our insurance carriers force us to buy the generic. I am on the 100mg Imitrex & it takes that much to stop a severe attack. I tried the generic twice now and it failed both times. Now who knows what kind of a mess I am going to have to go through to get my insurance to approve the name brand.

  33. I too am not happy with Dr. Reddy’s generic. I’ve been trying to tell myself it’s all in my head (no pun intended) but they just don’t work as well as Imitrex. I could take one Imitrex every 12 hours to keep a three-day migraine at bay. Dr. Reddy’s sometimes doesn’t work at all, when it does work I have to take one every 6 or 8 hours and the side effects are far more obvious than Imitrex. I’ll pay the higher co-pay for Imitrex. This pain is not worth it.

  34. I took my first generic imitrex this AM when my migraine started. This med does not work! I have been taking Imitrex, Zomig for years and always had migraines relieved within 1 hour. My insurance will no longer pay for Imitrex now that there is a generic. The savings is NOT worth it!

  35. I have tried the generic now three times and it has no resemblance to the relief that Imitrex gave me. The doctor did not seem surprised when I called to get the real thing back.

  36. I had the same concerns with Dr. Reddy’s generic brand of Imitrex last night. I took one pill and for the first time in years, I had to go lay in a dark room and stay completely still to be able to stand the pain. It was so bad, I was crying. I waited an hour and took another generic pill and after 20 minutes, it still hadn’t subsided. Also the burning sensation seemed to be much worse with the generic. I finally fell asleep. Woke up about 2 hours later and still had a headache, but it was getting much better. This morning, I’m OK, still feeling the weakness, etc. I want to go back to my non-generic. I asked about the cost at my pharmacy and the generic full cost was only about $30 cheaper for the 9 pill pack. It is worth the extra $ for a better remedy! I was wondering if I was having a “placebo” effect because it was something different, so I’m glad to know I’m not the only one who had these issues. Gonna try to contact the pharmacy and maybe the Dr. Reddy’s company today for a refund (I bought 18 pills at a cost of about $450!!!!).

  37. What the FDA considers a generic and what your insurance pays for are two entirely different things. The insurance will prefer a generic at all times. (It’s all about the bottom line…)

    Your insurance (or its pharmaceutical benefits manager, which is often a third party contracted by the insurer) contracts with pharmaceutical companies annually, and that is how it is determined which triptans land in which “tier”. Insurers or PBMs negotiate bulk discounts on various triptans. Usually, they get the best deals on Imitrex, Maxalt, or Zomig, which is why they are usually Tier one. However, I do know of one health insurer that much have ticked off GSK, because for the past year, Imitrex was tier 3!!

    Tier 3 means you have the highest co-pay.

    The other thing to watch is the pharmacy. They get a lot–and I mean, a LOT of profit off generics, and they will slam you with a generic unless your doctor writes either “DAW”–dispense as written–or “no substitutions”, AND you insist that they comply with those instructions.

    FDA-wise, a drug has seventeen years of patent life from the time of human testing before another company can file for generic use. Attempts are usually made to extend this by “tweaking” the drug in some way. (Imitrex’s Rapid Release Technology, for example–the “exploder” tablet that came out a few years ago.) Then the competitors sue to gain generic rights.

    It will be a few more years before any of the other triptans achieve generic status.

  38. My 27 year old son is about to run out of the Imitrex he stocked up on when he turned 25 and got off our insurance. He uses a full 9 pack of 100 mg Imitrex per month. We are going to Canada soon. What do we do to get some cheaper while we are there?

  39. Keith, I take 25 mg of amitriptyline at night and it decreased my migraines by half. I still get 1 a week and use the imitrex and a 5 mg valium if needed. The antidepressant has been around a long time and is cheap and safe.I just got my first pkg of Dr Reddys sumatriptan for 10.00 thru my insurance co. good luck to all of you fellow sufferers.

  40. Ok, so why is it that Sumatriptan is not considered a generic by the FDA and, thus, my Rx insurance won’t consider it as such? 50.05 for two Imitrex tonight!

  41. I’ve had headaches regularly for 20 years and nothing worked until I started taking Relpax about 3 years ago. Then its effectiveness started to wane. I went to a new headache doc (neurologist) and he said that I should take Imitrex with 3 Aleves and a strong dose of caffeine (coffee or high caffeine soda). The prescribed Imitrex cocktail worked like a charm. I feel like a new woman!!

  42. I’m taking Relpax 40mg. I assume, now that Imitrex is in the generic form, that other migraine medications will have to follow suit. The last time I purchased the Relpax tabs (24 ea), my cost, after insurance, through MEDCO, was 119.32 and my company paid an additional 278.40. This time (today) my part is 128.86 (+$14.54) and the company’s part is 300.66 (+$22.26). A total increase of $32.80. So, I guess all those that make the migraine medications are jumping on the bandwagon before they all are forced to offer the generic forms. Also…MEDCO…so far, is only offering the generic form of Imitrex in the injection form.

  43. I have had migraines since I was about 7 years old, I am now 25. They come and go in cycles of two-three years. They never disappear; however, for a year or so at a time I may only get one a month. Currently I get about 2 -3 a week : 8-12 a month.

    Needless to say – I live on my migraine drugs. I am lucky that my migraine meds have worked for my migraines 9 out of 10 times. I took Zomig for years and have been taking Imitrex for 2.5 years now. I got my script refilled last week and was shocked (happily) that a generic was available.

    Like many others, I was worried about taking a generic migraine medicine. You know as well as I that these migraine meds mess with your head. Literally. They mess with the chemicals and reactions in your brain to make the pain stop. This being said I was very wary about taking a generic. In addition, many of the previous posts also scared me a little.

    Today I woke up with a migraine at 8:15. I took my first generic Dr. Reddy migraine pill and so far it is working the same as brand Imitrex. I took the pill a little over an hour ago. Although I am still feeling the side effects (muscle weakness and temperature sensitivity) the pain behind my eye is gone and my neck pain is starting to relax. I have the same side effects with Imitrex. I am happy about the effectiveness of these pills. No rare or worrisome said effects here. At least not yet.

    I paid $40 for an Imitrex refill of 12 and pay only $10 for 12 of the generic. I look forward to the day when these pills are available for the $4 prescriptions at walmart or Kroger.

  44. I’m using the generic Dr. Reddy’s sumatriptan. It doesn’t seem to be working. I’ve been taking the tablets early enough that it should. Anyone else having problems?

    Yes, some others have had the same problem. Read through the comments on this post for information on people’s experiences:

    Sorry it isn’t working for you.


  45. I get 4-8 migraines a month. I take the Imitrex tablets. Several months ago I started taking 600 mg. of magnesium citrate, which is the most bioavailable form of magnesium. After about 2 months my migraines began to lessen in their severity. I still get them, however, now I only taken my meds for 1 in 4 migraines.

    The magnesium really seems to work. From what I have read over 85% of the population is magnesium deficient so it will serve a dual purpose.

  46. As most of you, I was excited when I got my Dr. Reddy’s generic Imitrex. My copay was half of what I pay for the brand name.

    But, like some of you have already discovered, it doesn’t work nearly as well as Imitrex:( I’ve taken 3 doses in the past 28 hours or so. Slight relief, but not total relief and the migraine pain comes back. So disappointing.

  47. I went to walmart today to check on the generic and the costs. They told me $200.!! I read on this site that someone paid $5. How did they do that??
    I might try one of the Canada ones that i saw on here. thank you to the ones that actually gave the website.

  48. Keith, I have been on an anti-depressant (Cymbalta) for over 2 years now and have found some relief with it. However, it is not a cure by no means. I suffer about 15 migraines a month and basically survive on Imitrex and Maxalt. Topamax just about killed me with side effects but Cymbalta really does help me some. I can only get it prescribed by my neurologist.

  49. I’ve been getting generic sumatriptan from Canada for several years now. I’ve tried a lot of different generics and have found that they all are effective in getting rid of my migraines(they have the same main ingredient) but they differ on how long they take effect, so I think there is a difference on their delivery mechanism(whatever that’s called in chemist’s lingo). For example I found gen-sumatriptan reacts relatively fast while co-sumatriptan takes longer until it relieves my migraine.

  50. My insurance company stopped covering my Imitrex last year. I go through a package of 9 100 mg pills per month. I often have to take 2-3 pills to squash a migraine, but it’s the same for any migraine drug I have tried. Instead of paying full price of $216, I had my doctor do an override. If your insurance company is declining your claims for any drug, call the doctor and see if the can fax over an override!! Don’t just give up at the pharmacy counter.

    I was paying a $20 copay for the regular Imitrex, so you can imagine my shock when my husband paid only $5 for my refill yesterday. I thought he’d filled the wrong scrip. To my surprise, it was generic Imitrex. And you know, it works about the same for me as the brand name. It mostly made a migraine go away yesterday, but it’s creeping back this morning. But this is par for the course for me.

    I have tried samples of the new drug that is Imitrex+naproxen (I forget the name already), and it really does work for me like a charm. However, it is even more expensive than the Imitrex, so I’m happy enough just taking an Aleve or two with my Imitrex.

  51. There have only been a couple of things that stopped a migraine for me besides prescription drugs.My roommate bought some headon it burned his head and he gave it to me.I used it and it felt like icy hot.It will get rid of a migraine with a little burning.I can deal with that for to get rid of a migraine.Too explain how bad my headaches have been.i once open a zomig in the back seat of my sisters new car and if went between the seats.i could not get to it so if ripped her seat out for it.She understood later.

  52. I had no idea Imitrex was going generic when I picked up my prescription from Walgreens a few weeks ago. I was shocked and terrified. My copay was always something like $25 for the wonderdrug so you can imagine my terror when some crappy, new generic came out. And rightly so. I have never had to take more than 1 100mg Imi to get rid of a migraine within an hour or two- I’ve used the Dr. Reddy’s generic just twice and both times was in bed almost all day and taken two pills to get rid of the it all and avoid a trip to the ER. IT IS NOT AS GOOD! I just got off the phone with my pharmacist and he insisted the only differences were the binding agents and coloring. What is wrong with me? With the drug? Has anyone else had the same issues???

  53. Just refilled my prescr yesterday and got 4 tabs. Still a $50 copay, and the price is higher than what I was paying before. Unbelievable.

    I am going to shop around for my next refill!

  54. You should try purchasing via internet in the U.K. where Imitrex ( Imigran) is sold OTC- it’s made by GSK- cost is about $5 per dose- I use Pharmacy2U

  55. When a company gets the rights to market a generic version they have a lock on the higher price for 90 days and as single provder, its a built in to help cover their costs for bringing the drug to the market. A majority is spent in litigation. After the “closed” period to competion that is when you see things come down significantly.

  56. i have taken imitrex for years and it has always worked great for me. i also take pamelor everyday as a preventative. i just picked up my rx last night and noticed that i now have the generic imitrex. i woke up this morning at 5:30 with a migraine so i took one of the generics…within 20min i was in such severe pain i was in tears! i had to call the pharmacy to ask them if “dr. reddy’s” was supposed to be the same as imitrex? he told me the active ingredient was the same. of course now i am scared to death to take another generic! has anyone else had negative reaction from the generic?

  57. From the Imitrex site:

    “While savings offers for IMITREX are no longer available, you may still join the MigraineCare Program to receive future savings offers from the maker of IMITREX. You’ll also receive the latest information about treating and managing migraines from the migraine experts at GlaxoSmithKline.”

  58. The savings coupons for Imitrex are no longer available. I’ve been using Imitrex since it first came out, and they stopped sending me coupons about a year ago — probably because the generic was on the way.

  59. Par Pharmaceuticals seems to be charging almost as much for the generic as Glaxo charges for the proprietary! I sincerely hope this will come down, because the difference between $85 per shot and $100 per shot is not going to improve things for most of us. If you look hard on the internet you can find Glaxo imitrex shots for significantly less anyway.

  60. I have been taking Imitrex for years and was paying $140 for 9 pills. I went to pick up the new generic prescription at Target yesterday and the cost was going to be $161??? Why is the generic more than the brand name? Then I asked them to check the Imitrex price and it actually went up when the patent ran out and instead of going down in price. Help – I have a migrain today, Christmas day, and don’t have any pills – can anyone tell me what’s going on and when I should get my next prescription filled. I don’t have a prescription card and want to it as economically as possible but am not comfortable with sending away for the medicine in Canada.

  61. I called Walmart today to refill my prescription for Imitrex. After asking how much it would be they said it went generic and the cost is $5. Crazy good for me as the last prescription cost me $90! Thank goodness for generics, I hope it works as well!

  62. Keith – Another prophylactic for people with frequent migraines is blood pressure meds, esp. beta blockers. My doctor has recommended I try them but I don’t like the idea of taking a chronic med for an acute condition and my migraines respond really well to Imitrext. But if you want to try something preventative, my dr. has suggested this.

  63. I have been getting my generic imitrex from England. Even with the shipping charges, the cost of the tablet runs about $1.00 each. I have also been ordering 30 tablets at a time. It only takes about 10 days to receive my prescription, and I have found that the quality of the tablet is comparable to the name brand. The website is You do need a doctor’s prescription to get this filled.

  64. I picked up my prescription for Imitrex today – 9 tablets of 100MG and they were made by Dr. Reddy. My co-pay with IMitrex previously was $35. My copay for Dr. Reddy was $40 for 9 tablets? Go figure -it went up $5? I guess we won’t really se a price drop until Feb 09.

  65. Further to my last email, RE generic Imitrex, I purchase the 100mg dosage. Medication is made in Canada and I do not notice any difference between it and US manufactured Imitrex. Jan pharmacy website is The low-cost generic version is listed as “Co-sumatriptan” with a Canadian flag (to note country of manufature) on their website. This medication as also available from other Canadian pharmacies, so shop around on line, and good luck from a chronic migraine sufferer.

  66. I purchase generic Imitrex (gen-sumatriptan) from Canada – cost from Jan Pharmacy is $9.17 per tablet (purhcased in quantities of 12) plus shipping. Prescription required, which I faxed to them. Have ordered several times and never had a problem. This is an excellent low cost solution until generic becomes available in the US.

  67. Generic Imitrex pills are now available — the pharmacist told me yesterday, and will have them for me today….

  68. I JUST PICKED UP MY GENERIC IMITREX!!!!! i went to pick up my normally $200 script of 9 pills, and instead they only charged me $15!!! it is 50 mg tabs by Dr. Reddy. I am so relieved! enjoy everyone and get your pills asap!!!!

    ps i will let you know if they aren’t as good as the brand imitrex, but i’ m sure they will be fine. i have never had a prob. with generics.

  69. Keith, Inderal works well at keeping migraines at bay for me. I take it for hypertension and the maintenance for migraines is a bonus. They are fewer and less intense. The libido suffers greatly, though. (a side effect of Inderal)

  70. I just bought a new prescription in NYC and they had the generic pills 100mg and it’s made by GlaxoSmithKline! Same company that makes Imitrex. I’m trying it tonight for the first time. It usually costs $263 for 9 pills and this generic cost me $203. A small saving, but I appreciate it nevertheless. Hope they work just as well, the only difference seems to be the packaging, and my pharmacist researched it and said it’s exactly the same thing as the normal Imitrex.

  71. Can anyone tell me more about the generic 6 mg injectable Imitrex? I’ve only gotten real and immediate migraine relief with the injections. The tablets are slow to act and sometimes not totally effective. I also have severe nausea and vomiting with my migraines, so oral medications usually aren’t an option.

    Also, I’ve had an on again, off again back problem for about 9 yrs. (I’m 56 YOA) When the problem flares up, I take massive doses of NSAIDs ( OTC ibuprofen and Rx meloxicam). This takes a toll on my stomach but while taking large doses of NSAIDs I don’t get migraines, period! I mentioned this to a neurologist several years ago and and he sort of blew me off. Has anyone else gotten prophylactic migraine relief with NSAIDs? I must stress that NSAIDs and other OTCs have absolutely no effect on a migraine in progress.

  72. My Oregon pharmacy has generic shots made by Par but no pills so far. This is the quoted price off the shelf for the sumatriptan refill 6 mg.
    $174.99 vs $216.99 for the Imitrex 6 mg refill.
    Has anyone tried this? Sometimes generics aren’t really the same as the real thing. I have noticed this with Celexa generic. There are three that I know of and Dr. Reddy’s is the worst. I’ll check with my Dr. friend in Cananda and see if the pills are available there yet.

  73. I saw the following today: “November 24, 2008, Hyderabad : Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories (NYSE:RDY) today announced that it has launched the authorized generic version of GlaxoSmithKline’s Imitrex® (sumatriptan succinate) tablets 25mg, 50mg, and 100mg in the United States. Dr. Reddy’s is the first company to launch an authorized generic version of Imitrex® tablets in the US market.” So where and how do you think we go about getting the generic form? I only have 2 pills left and I don’t want to refill if the generic will be available soon!

  74. Kieth,
    I use topomax, it will soon be generic. Worked wonders, life saver in fact. But then my sinus problems got worse so I had surgery, then almost no migraines ever.

    Ann Marie, I think Canada has generic Imitrex, they do have generic Topomax.

  75. There seems to be several companies that are going to be making generic imitrex according to your and your readers. Where is this information coming from? I am on Medicare and soon have to decide on the drug program I will be on(by Dec 31).
    The way their formulas work it is important to know what the drug costs are. Also they are talking on their website about limiting imitrex 100mg to 4 a month, was 18. Some of the providers won’t even cover it for 09, so it seems that the information has not reached medicare. Is there any official document from the drug companies saying this generic will happen? Is it true that Great Britian is already selling the generic under the name Inagram?

    One company (Par Pharmaceuticals) supposedly started shipping the injections earlier this month. I recommend calling some pharmacies to see if they carry it. I don’t know when the tablets will be available. I’ll keep an eye out.


  76. Hey Keith, as far as your prophylactic goes. I work in a pharmacy and have migraines myself (it’s genetic in my family) I take Topamax (anti-convulsant) as a prophylactic, it works wonders for me. I also know that Inderal (propranolol) it’s a Blood Pressure med, works well as does Nortriptyline (that’s a tricyclic antidepressant) Migraines cause an imbalance in serotonin levels and the nortriptyline helps balance them. That’s about all the info I can give ya. Hope it helps 🙂

  77. Dr Reddy’s will be the first to launch generic Imitrex in Nov. followed by Mylan (I believe) in Jan. GSK will also release an authorized generic in Jan and then it will be multi-sourced (aka really cheap) in Feb when the patent actually expires. Hope that helps!

  78. Keith- I am 30 and have had migraine for the past 19 years. I’ve tried a number of preventative meds including beta blockers, anti-depressants and anti-epileptics, which I am almost weaned off of now. I have been working for the past year and a half to get off the drugs, and have been seeing a naturopath. She’s had me on a slew of natural supplements and an anti-inflammatory diet. It’s the only thing that’s really worked for me. There are always side effects with the drugs, and I feel that despite being difficult to follow, the diet really works. Another thing that’s really helped has been craniosacral therapy – which you can see a therapist for, or now you can get the same effects from using a device called the DaVinci Tool (or a stillpoint inducer) at home. It’s helped with all of my tension and migraine headaches so far – I haven’t taken acute migraine meds in over a month. Good luck!

  79. Where can I get the discount coupons for imitrex tablets that is mentioned above. I go to the GSK website but can’t fine them. Help!

    There’s a link on the main page of the Imitrex site that says “Enroll in Our Migraine Care Program.” You’ll have to sign up for mailings, which will include the coupons. I think the send out letters four times a year — not too intrusive.

    Take care,

  80. I am looking for a prophylactic that best wards off migraines. I get about two migraines a week. I have been told about a mild antidepressant you take daily and wanted to see if your site visitors had any experience or opinions about this or any other option. I am a 45 year old male and have had migraines for the past 16 years. Imitrex has been a life saver but it is way too expensive since my insurance company increased my copay to $60 and dropped the script to 4 at a time. Please let me know. Thanks

  81. Has anyone heard lately about an update on this generic becoming available? I must pay full price for Imitrex (less any coupons I may have) because my insurance will not pay any co-pay due to my migraines being a “pre-existing condition”.

    It is not available yet. I think it is still expected to be released by the end of the year, but am not sure. I’ll do some research.


  82. Imitrex is now available in a new form, bundled with naproxen (Aleve). I am sure this is an attempt to keep some of the market share it does not want to lose to generic forms of the original Imitrex. However, naproxen, like other NSAIDS, actually perpetuate the migraine syndrome. So to my mind it’s a less effective form of the drug than the original formulation.

  83. How ironic that Imitrex is finally going generic. I have used it without problems for about 15 years. Now I have to swear off. I am one of the few, I hope, to get a naty bout of ischemic colitis. My docs are pretty sure it was due to the shot of Imitrex I gave myself a week prior to the onset of ischemic colitis, which is caused by a lack of blood flow when vessels get constricted. Imitrex is supposed to constrict blood vessels to the brain (and it did work this time), but in my case the constriction also hit my colon. Sure enough, IC is listed as a possible side effect on the packaging. Even if I’d been aware of the risk, I probably would have used the drug because it’s always worked so well and so quickly. But no more … too scary after 9 days in hospital. Just wanted to share this info so others can re-evaluate w/docs. I’m 50 years old, and age may be a factor. My symptoms were, in this order: heavy sweating, pain in lower left abdomin, diarrhea and vomiting. Stool had some blood in it, too, which is always a good time to get right to ER. Thanks for this site. Good luck to all.

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