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Generic Injectable Imitrex (Sumatriptan) Now Available

The generic version of Imitrex Injection (called sumatriptan) is now shipping in the US. I don’t know if it is available in other countries, nor do I know when/if the tablets will be available. I doubt all pharmacies have it in stock yet. I recommend calling your pharmacy before taking your prescription in.

From Par Phamaceutical’s press release:

Par Pharmaceutical Begins Shipment of Sumatriptan Injection
November 6, 2008 – Par Pharmaceutical Companies, Inc. today announced that it will begin shipping generic versions of Imitrex® Injection (sumatriptan succinate injection) 4mg and 6mg starter kits and 4mg and 6mg prefilled syringe cartridges to the trade immediately.  In addition, Par anticipates launching the 6mg vials early next year.

12 thoughts on “Generic Injectable Imitrex (Sumatriptan) Now Available”

  1. I use the brand name injection 6mg which works much better than Mexican pills or brand name 100mg tabs. But even the injection may not work unless I lay down with an ice bag on my face for at least 30 minutes. Glaxco realy annoyed me when then dropped the original syringe method for the spring loaded injector of which I have ruined several. I cannot understand why some people can’t take the minor pin prick of an injection compared to the terrible pain of a migraine.

  2. I just got my injection generic and I am praying it will work. Why the generic tables never work at all. With the injection IMITREX it work so good now I had to hope and prayed. I get the insurances wanting to save money but when you tell them over and over they dont work it gets very frustion.

  3. I just got my generic injectable prescription filled. My copay was $8.00. Yes, $8.00. I used to pay $65.00 for my Imitrex injectables and was limited to 4 per month. With the generic I can get 8. I have not had to use it yet but am hoping to have the same results I had with Imitrex.

  4. The injectable generic has the same results as the name brand for me. I wish I could use the tablets, but I have vomiting with my migranes so it’s not feasable for me.

  5. I have been taking the generic 50mg tablets for a month and half now, after I got a letter from my insurance company saying that they would no longer cover Imitrex. While they are half the co-pay price ($10 vs. $20) they are also half as effective for me. With Imitrex I could feel it starting to work and then migraine gone. With generic sumatriptan, sometimes the headache goes away and sometimes not. Most times I need to take two instead of the one dose that almost always worked with Imitrex. Has anyone else noticed a difference?

  6. Quite a suprise showing up at the pharmacy and getting my pills for 10$ amazing.. I too had to pay 75 copay for re-fills…This is huge..

  7. I went and got the generic today (12/10/2008) in Florida.
    I got the 4 mg statdose pack. With my BC/BS copay (20%) it was $65.88. When I buy the brand name it is $73 copay. Over $7 in savings! Whoo-hoo! (Sarcasm drips off the post)

  8. Good news for those who can use Triptans. On another note; I have selected YOU, Keri for a Lemonade Stand Award!!! (insert applause) stop by and pick up your award. You are an outstanding person and so deserve it. have a wonderful holiday

  9. Wow! Hooray! Who’d have ever thought I’d be so excited at the prospect of sticking myself with needles. But it has been far and away the best triptan for me, and the one my insurance company has kicked up the most fuss about paying for! Thanks for the heads-up!
    – Megan

  10. LOL This reminds me of the time I got some Imitrex Injections . . . I think I sat on the couch for 1/2 hour. I just couldn’t administer the shot to myself! My hubby, however, was more than willing too. Nope. Didn’t let ’em near me. LOL


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