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What’s Up With Me

I’m still alive! Yesterday was the best day I’ve had in weeks; the weekend was worse in months. I’m all over the place in my symptoms (although nausea is consistently a major problem), emotions and thoughts. Whether I’m depressed has been weighing on me, but I’m almost positive I’m not. I think I am just worn out and discouraged.

On the treatment front, I’m still have myofascial release massages once a week and have also been doing lymphatic drainage treatments. Myofascial release has been a godsend, particularly in relieving active migraines. Lymphatic drainage was a bust. I feel awful after every weekly treatment and am not seeing any longterm improvement. I may try once more, but even the massage therapist doing the work is doubtful.

My internist reminded me that I was supposed to have my thyroid checked almost 18 months ago, to follow up on a lump she found. I’m looking forward to my appointment with the endocrinologist on Tuesday. It seems like any food can trigger a migraine for me — even rice! This is absurd, of course, and I’m thinking that blood sugar may be involved. I have no idea if it’s the case, but maybe, just maybe, an answer will be lurking there.

We’re off to Phoenix for Thanksgiving. I’m worried about my health when I’m there, especially the nausea. Fortunately, everyone we’ll be with encourages me to relax and rest when I need to. I am truly thankful for them.

Have a wonderful, low-headache/migraine holiday!

2 thoughts on “What’s Up With Me”

  1. Out of everything I’ve tried, distraction is probably my best treatment. I read a lot — the worse my head gets, the fluffier the book gets!

    I’m grateful when my husband gets home each day. Just having him around is a (good) distraction). Particularly because he knows exactly what I need.


  2. Depressed? How could you not be, you might ask. Good for you that you’ve found something (the myofascial release) that helps. Does distraction work for you? That’s what’s helps me most with the pain. But it’s gotta’ be some really compelling stuff – like working with clients – that does it. Even if there are the times that talking just makes the pain worse….

    Distraction is a terrific “treatment” for me. Sometimes it’s the only thing that helps.


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