Thyroid Scare

My new GP called me last Wednesday afternoon after receiving the results of the thyroid ultrasound, which I had done that morning. My phone had been turned off for a few days and I didn’t turn it on until Friday. So that’s when I got her message that she wanted me to schedule a biopsy for Wednesday afternoon.

I didn’t hear back from her office Friday, but Saturday I got the results for the tests she had done to check for diabetes or a thyroid disorder. They were clear — good news about those diseases, but inconclusive for everything else, including thyroid cancer.

I finally got to talk to her today. Turns out she wanted me to call that afternoon to schedule the biopsy, not have it done that day. It’s not until Feb. 6, but I’m much calmer than I was all weekend. There’s a 95% chance that it won’t be cancerous.

After the biopsy, I’ll see an endocrinologist to look at the results and discuss my remaining endocrine symptoms even though the most obvious diseases have been ruled out. Instead of being worried about having a different disease, I’m hopeful. Severe headache is a symptom of some endocrine-related disorders; maybe this is my “answer.”

My hope feels disrespectful to everyone who struggles with an endocrine disease. And perhaps to myself. Maybe a different diagnosis will cause me more grief than chronic daily headache and migraine.

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  1. I hope your results turn out good. It’s true that thyroid disorders can have the symptom of headache, but I was under the impression that those kinds of headaches weren’t migraine like. Are you saying that they are? That’s just something my endocrinologist told me when I was in TX. She was sure it had nothing to do with my migraine pain.

    Anyway, I have a tumor on my thyroid and had to have it biopsied, too. It’s really good to get that done, so even if he says that he doesn’t want to biopsy it, when you go in, ask him to do it anyway, or at the least to measure the tumor. I didn’t know any better about that when my tumor was supposed to be biopsied and my doc was ticked that they hadn’t done that and then didn’t send her the pictures afterward. OY! So, I had to go through the whole process again, but didn’t need the actual biopsy. Just needed it measured and to have those pictures! :/ Might offer to handcary a copy of those to your doc, too. Just some ideas, from past experience.

    Anyway, having it measured is good, cuz then they can determine how fast it’s growing, etc., and that helps them get the medications more precise, or something, for preventing the growth. My tumor is benign and basically, no one can tell from looking at me that I have one, so it’s not embarrassing and causes minimal problems, except I think it affects my weight loss.

    I hope it’s all good news though. Take care. 🙂 Jess

    I have no idea if the headaches are migraine-like, just that they are “severe.” My headaches don’t fit neatly into the migraine classification, so I can still hope!

    Thanks for the information on your tumor and biopsy. In a strange way, I’m looking forward to having it done. To get the waiting over with, you know?


  2. I don’t think you’re being disrespectful. I kept hoping they’d see something, anything, on my MRI because in my mind, if there was something wrong with my brain, it could probably be fixed. Which to me is better than the headaches that won’t go away.

    Sending LOTS of good thoughts your way for good results for your biopsy.

  3. It’s worth noting that migraine itself can cause strange endocrine symptoms: frequent urination, fever, and so forth. It’s courtesy of the hypothalamus, the part of the brain that manages many of the body’s glands, including the thyroid.

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