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Truth is, I’m in a Bad Migraine Cycle

I’ve finally admitted to myself that I’m in a truly hellish migraine cycle. Yesterday I blamed myself for being lazy. Didn’t take long for me to realize that’s simply not true. Loved ones constantly remind me that I need to be easier on myself. Keeping that in mind, I accept that I am sick — currently horribly so.

Not much I can do about it except dig out another book and settle in my home; on the couch in front of the fire. At least the sky is blue and Hart is working at home today.

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  1. I am 68 yr old woman and find that my migraines (with aura…which I hate) are getting worse.
    I am stuck in a migraine cycle too. Every other day, twice I had two attacks on same day, and actually had a break for 7 days WITHOUT one (don’t know what I DID or did NOT do to get such a break)..sooner or later got one and three days later another one again.
    I don’t know WHAT causes us to get stuck in a cycle.
    We watch our triggers, try and watch our moods, try not to do this or that…but we are still at the mercy of the migraines.
    Our migraines are painful, but not as painful as seeing our own child go thru it.
    I will PRAY for your son and for you.
    Some day they WILL come up with better preventatives and treatment.

  2. I too suffer from migraines almost daily, with a pain score of 7-10. I am 4. Years post cerebral brain aneurysm They told me the headaches would stop a year after they put the clip in my brain. I feel your pain and have been on many migraine meds. If it were not for BP meds and pain meds it would not be tolerable. I sometimes wonder if I should have survived. Sometimes my family understands, sometimes they don’t. My doctors keep trying but it’s been 4 going on 5 years.

  3. To the mother: I just turned 18 so my regular physician wouldn’t prescribe the triptans but a different doctor did. Turns out they didn’t work because I’m stuck in a migraine cycle much like your son sounds like. Go to the ER if you have to. Seriously. Your son needs DHE or Toradol. These are the only things that have given me any relief. they must be given as shots or IV but it is worth it. Also, talk to his doctor about Migranol. It is taken nasally but has the DHE in it as well. I know how he feels though. I’ve been suffering through the end of my senior year for four weeks now going on five just hoping to feel well enough to enjoy prom. Don’t stop, and don’t give up. Your son needs to see you are fighting for him. I honestly identify with every said about him but my mom keeps my hopes up because she is making sure I get taken care of. Go to the ER if you need to though. Do not settle for aspirin there are other things they can give him. But trust me, the triptans will not kill it at this point so you aren’t missing anything there.

  4. I just stumbled upon this website and it is really great to see that I am not alone! I am nearly certain that much of my problem with headaches is from my stress level, which has gotten completely out of hand over the last few years-directly in proportion is the severity nd frequency of my headaches.

    I honestly do not believe that anyone who has not had to deal with these things knows what it is like and how horrible it is! I had a supervisor tell me that she comes to work when she is not feeling great. My migraines leave me laying on the bathroom floor, nauseated and sometimes puking, wanting to cry but it hurts way too much to cry, any light or motion makes me vomit, and sometimes I lay there wondering if maybe death would not be better-but I can only lay there thinking about it because it hurts too much to even roll over, let alone get up and make it happen (and I am not suicidal, it is just the desperation of wanting to get away from the pain.)

    My heart goes out to the teenager suffering so much! I don’t understand not treating him, I know they give teens antidepressants, I took them when I was a teen! He is not alone! Hugs to both of you and I know how hard it is to watch your child in pain. Hugs and more hugs!

  5. I’m so sorry that you are all in so much pain, but so thankful that I’ve found you all. I have suffered alone for so long. Although I am not truly alone in life, I have a wonderful husband and kids, I’m alone in pain without anyone able to understand it. I think my husband thinks I should just shake it off some days and is pushing me to try the “Heal Your Headache” “diet”. I’m so worried to be without pain medicaton….I’ve had daily headaches and migraine all my life. I’ve tried so many different medications over my life time. I’m 46 and my migraines keep getting worse and I feel like such a complainer that I just don’t say anything anymore when I’m in pain. I feel like a prisoner of my bedroom some weeks. I think the days following the mother of all migraines are even worse…I am so tired and completely worn out I can’t take care of my family. Thank you for your comments! I will pray for you all.

  6. Hi Kerrie & Everyone

    I spend a lot of time online lately looking for answers from people like yourself and others. My teenage son is in unbelievable pain, pretty much on a daily basis. Sometime he wakes well, but no matter how we try to do everything right and avoid all those triggers, he winds up in misery. The doctors have run every test and scan, but in my sons own words “I’ve given up on them. None of them do anything to help.” Sometime he feels very alone even though I assure him there are millions suffering with him. I don’t find much posted from people like my son who suffer everyday. Seems like many migraine victims have more good days than he does, and it’s just so hard to see his teen years turn into one miserable day after another. I suggested he start a forum or daily blog to try to connect with others that might be able to identify with what he’s going through. He seems insipired and did work on it some today and it even seemed to help more than the double dose of meds he took several hours before that. If any of you want to share your stories with him, give some encouragement or follow his progress, I’m leaving the link, and hope that you will stop in

    We’re going back to the 3rd neurologist next week and although they’ve tried Propanalol, Periactin and all the over the counter meds – nobody has yet to prescribe one of the newer Triptans. His primary care physician is no help at all, as he is afraid to prescribe any migraine meds to a teen. They just keep saying well if he were an adult. So we’re chewing aspirin and downing them with cola, ice pack on head and falling behind in his life which could be so full. I hope someone will find this and reach out through his forum with ideas or just a “I know how you feel.”

    Thanks so much for taking the time to read this and I feel for every one of you that fights this horribly debilitaing condition.

    Sara (very concerned mom)

  7. Kerrie,
    You aren’t alone. I’ve barely emerged from my bedroom cave for the past four days, spending as much time sleeping as possible. I’ve only dragged myself outside to walk my dogs and the walks were short all week. My big accomplishment today was being able to drive them to dog daycare so they could get some exercise. They deserved it because they’re so wonderful when I’m in a bad pain cycle, both bark less and let me sleep late. They’re my furry nurses:)

    And Pam, for me, these pain cycles are definitely triggered, at least in part, by the weather. It’s my most consistent trigger.

    Feel better Katie,


  8. Same here – only I have to tough it out at work. Sucks big time. Wonder how much the weather has to do with it…Anyway, know others are feeling your pain and understand what you’re going through. Take care. Pam

  9. terri, It totally sucks to be at this point, i snow. right there with you. hope you feel better soon. just lay low on that couch, girl, drink up, and rest. Glad to know that Hart is there taking care of you. Will say a prayer for you today.

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