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Shopping for a Migraine

From a good day to migraine city was my reward for running errands this morning. It’s the almost-Christmas thing, when I’m pretty sure every store pipes cinnamon air freshener into the heating ducts.

Joann Fabrics was the worst offender and, unfortunately, my first stop. The cinnamon took no time to perfume my newly washed fleece. The scent had, of course, snuggled deep into the fiber of the flannel fabric I bought.

Decontamination was in order. The flannel went into the washer, I shed my clothes on the basement floor and showered. The smell is at least contained in the basement now, but I’m doing laundry rather than lying on the couch.

The last few days have been so bad. I so wanted to revel in the good health I enjoyed this morning. It probably would have disappeared by 1 p.m. anyway, but five whole hours would have been blissful. I feel so cheated.

I hate that I’ve become such a complainer. Honestly, I can’t keep up with news or other blogs, so I haven’t had much else to write about. Besides, I know you understand. I hope my struggles will make you feel less alone in your next migraine or headache.

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  1. I just stumbled across your blog. I, too, suffer from daily headaches. Due to my husband’s job transfer, we moved to the Middle East (Qatar) one year ago. My headaches have gotten much worse since moving here, probably from the heat and also all the incense and perfumes. I can’t go shopping without being blasted with incense! Every supermarket and mall has incense burning. It’s impossible to avoid around here because it’s a big part of the culture. My shopping trip might start with only a mild headache, but it will be severe by the time I reach the checkout. So I can relate to your pain and frustration!

  2. Kerri,

    I can’t stand all the smells in my office and in the stores! What are people thinking? At least in my office I can politely and gently educate my friends and co-workers about my migraines and chemical sensitivies. I had a very good friend & cube neighbor who was affixing perfume samples to her desk fan – thank goodness she is no longer doing that. The option to telecommute may soon happen for me and while I will very much miss the social interactions of my crazy office – not having the sounds, lights, smells will be so much better for me. I’ve had too many migraines lately. I hope you are better soon.


  3. It’s both heartening and sad to see so many others in the same situation. I feel like I’ve had a migraine all month, which is particularly frustrating after a new med combination had given me a nearly migraine-free October.

  4. Kerrie,
    I’m sorry for your suffering, but it’s nice to know I’m not the only person that goes through these feelings – the need to talk about what is going on in my life conflicting with my desire not to be seen as a “complainer.” You’re doing such a wonderful thing by talking about your feelings and experiences because it lets us all know we aren’t alone. I’m sure it can be scary and painful at times and I wanted you to know that you’re loved and appreciated.


    Kelly McEnaney

  5. Dear Kerri,

    I’m in the same boat you are in right now. Please don’t ever feel the need to apologize, not ever!

    Just reading what you wrote made me feel like I wasn’t so alone in my fight with these stupid migraine. You help more people than you know by writng from the heart.

    Hope you feel better soon.

    Thinking of you,’

  6. Kerrie, I am so sorry that you are feeling so lousy but it’s the truth right now. My counselor says that there is a whole lot of pretending going on with me. I always try to look my best when I go to see him and he says no one would ever realize how sick I am because I put on such a good show. I do it with my doctors too.

    So please, no pretending around here with all of us chronic headache folks – just be yourself. You are loved by alot of people and you are never, by a long shot, viewed as a complainer. I’ll step off my soap box now 🙂

  7. Christmas is definitely a bad time for strong scents. Ugh. 🙁

    You’re no complainer, Kerrie. Not even close. I feel with you in spirit when you’re having a rough patch like this. I hope your body moves through it soon. In the mean time, take care and know that you’ve got sisters in arms across the country.

  8. Kerri,

    What they said. It’s nice to know we’re not alone. Who knows what the problem is – smells, food, stress, yada yada yada…all I know is that I’m tired. I hurt and I’m tired. Please don’t apologize. Please keep posting what you’re going through – it’s great to hear that somebody out there gets it. Pam

  9. Oh, Kerri. I think I called you terri yesterday. sorry I’m in a fog myself. I think part of having these blogs is that we are able to vent when we can’t cope with the pain. So no need for the apologies. That’s what we, the audience if you will, are here for. Hope you feel better today.

  10. Living with a chronic illness is hard enough, and draining enough without having to worry that you’re “complaining too much.” There is no such thing. The fact is, if you’re having a rotten time with your head pain, you’re simply voicing and articulating out loud, the truth of your experience. No apologies are EVER necessary! If people don’t want to listen to your Reality, they have the perogative to not listen. But it is always your perogative to share what you’re suffering is. If it lightens your load, so much the better. And the fact is, my hearing about your struggle, lightens my personal struggle with chronic caily headache/migraine inasmuch as it helps me feel less alone, which in and of itself, is emotionally healing. So thank you for your blog and the effort you put into it!

  11. Kerri – please don’t apologise for complaining. Anyone who is going through this much suffering is entitled to complain, you deserve to vent, and I’m sure anyone with a chronic illness understands. I know we sometimes feel like we need to be all stoic and battle on regardless, just ignoring our symptoms (yeah right), but we all have the right to a good moan – we’ve earned it!

  12. Hi Kerri,
    I love your blog. It’s so helpful to know I’m not alone. I usually manage to get through the mornings, but now it’s afternoon, and I have to work on getting new health insurance and I just feel like “I can’t cope!” So back to the sofa for a bit of rest. –Sarah in CT

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