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Trying to Catch My Breath & Grumbling a Bit

The rest of my niece’s visit was great. I’m glad I didn’t get too sick while she was here, but hate that I always lose a week to migraines after a trip or big event. Yesterday I slept too late and was fuzzy-headed and dizzy all day. Today I woke up and was out of the shower by 9 a.m., but have a growing headache and feel disoriented.

I’m sorry to complain. I’m overwhelmed by frustration right now.

I know better than to plan a lot for the week after a trip, visitor or activity. I put many tasks on hold until after my niece’s visit, which is normally fine. If I don’t get to my to-do list the week after the one that wears me out, I can do it the following week. While annoying, this isn’t usually a problem. I didn’t realize that doing so this time wouldn’t leave me enough catch-up time before our September vacation.

Freaking out isn’t a solution; neither is being grouchy. I’m trying to think “I’m not happy” and figure out how to be not unhappy. It’s one of those days where a resolution is far from forthcoming. Grr.

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  1. I have a question. Does anyone feel hot and dizzy after showering? I think this only happens in the morning but I never shower at night to know otherwise. I have sinus problems with the sinuses on the left and I have neck pain from a car accident 25 years ago on my right. It probably doesn’t help that I always sleep on my right side but I can’t fall asleep any other way. Any advice?

  2. Thanks for the support.

    I’m feeling much less stressed. Mostly it’s from a change in perspective. Also, once I change a particular flight, I can stop worrying about the travel plans.


  3. Kerrie, I think it’s normal to be upset when we are “sick” with headache/migraine symptoms. It’s upsetting when we are feeling ill. I think it can be especially challenging to deal with illness on a regular basis. It means that some part of our life is always going to be put on hold. I’m sorry that you are in that “unhappy place”. I’m glad you have your vaca to look forward to.

  4. Is there anything on your to-do list for which you can hire someone? I get the feeling that you sometimes feel guilty about tasking out certain things that you “should” be able to do … so, can any of those be forsaken by you and put in the hands of a paid person? And can any of the things you “must do” be let go?

    Typically, I NEVER give advice because I think it is disempowering and insulting to the person who is just trying to communicate how she feels. I hate advice-givers, unless the advice is solicited. So, in this moment, I hate myself, I guess … but I’m rationalizing my questions by framing them not as advice but perhaps as thoughts you might not have yet considered (but would have, if you weren’t feeling so shitty right now).

    I hate that feeling that you’re experiencing. I wish I could take some of the load off your hands …


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