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How to Find a Doctor Who Knows About Headache

Would you trust an editorial about foreign aid policy that was written by the author of bodice-ripper romance novels? How about trusting doctors who calls themselves headache specialists even though they are trained in totally different fields, aren’t certified in headache management, and/or don’t participate in either of the national headache societies?

Some people who appear to be unqualified for a job do have training or experience that you can’t see at first glance. Usually, though, your initial skepticism is proven to be well-founded. The only way to find out is to research the doctor beforehand and devote part of your first visit to interviewing your new doctor. The best credentials in the world mean nothing if the doctor isn’t a good match for you.

To find a headache specialist, start with the American Headache Society or National Headache Foundation. Both have comprehensive lists of specialists who are members of their organizations. Being a member doesn’t guarantee that the doctor is good, but I’d only see someone who was involved in a professional headache organization.

ACHE (part of AHS) has a physician finder on its website. You can call NHF for a list of members in your state (888-643-5552) or check the online database, which includes all headache management certified doctors, whether members or not.

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3 thoughts on “How to Find a Doctor Who Knows About Headache”

  1. I’m certain I would not trust that foreign aid editorial, but I’d sure read it seven times and then recite it from memory at the nearest Cabaret I could find! Oh … were we talking about headaches? Sorry … couldn’t get past the first line.

    (Just kidding, and very well taken points, as always.)

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