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Hiding Out With Bad Migraines

The last couple weeks have been so bad that I haven’t even updated my Twitter with my headache/migraine status. I’ve had some great swings — particularly after a massage — but they’ve only lasted a short time.

An irritating symptom right now is that I don’t get tired, but completely worn out, which then triggers the rest of the migraine cycle. With diversions like writing posts for when I’m gone in September, sleuthing for cat messes and packing for vacation, I have plenty of opportunities for exhaustion.

I apologize for whining. My bursts of energy ensure that I’m seeing a bright side and I’ve kept myself from being not not happy. But I’m still worn down from the cycle and am ready for it to pass.

I’m sorry if you’ve e-mailed me and I haven’t gotten back to you. You’re on my mind, but I just can’t get to it.

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  1. Myofascial release can bring out a lot of crap for your body to deal with. This could actually be why you’re having a flare – especially if the therapist didn’t completely release all of the migraine linked TrPs (which is likely as you’ve just started going). Not being able to completely release the TrPs means that you are not only left with some TrPs, but with TrPs that are extra sore and grumbly from being worked on. After a myofascial release session, you must make sure to take time out and rest, get plenty of fluids and to apply heat (possibly with cold intervals) to soothe the worked on areas. Muscle relaxants and stretches can also help you get the most benefit.

    Persevere! I know nothing like TrPs for causing chronic migraines. Good luck.

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