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Great New Articles on’s headache page has long been a resource for headache patients. Teri Robert, the headache “guide,” has been hard at work lately writing some great new articles. Here are some of my recent favorites, but be sure to poke around on the site — it’s chock full of information.

Top 7 Steps To a Head Pain Sufferer Friendly Home
Reducing environmental triggers, simplifying chores and setting up your own headache place (much like finding “home”) are all ways to minimize the impact that headaches have on your life. By reducing odors, chemicals and stressors, you may also reduce your headache frequency.

Doctors – Helpful or Hopeless? How’s Yours? Need Help?
Tips on finding the right doctor for you and how you can help your doctor help you.

Headache and Migraine Medications and Wal-Mart’s $4 List
While no triptans are available for $4 (because there are no generic triptans), many headache preventives are. Teri provides a short list of meds and links to more information, including a comprehensive list of Walmart’s $4 prescription drugs.

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