Coping, Triggers

Bad Decision

Except for the bad weather spell at the end of November, I’ve had remarkably less head pain than usual since Thanksgiving. This is despite spending three days over Thanksgiving in a house that has been so heavily smoked in for the last 40 years that the walls are yellowed and you can see thick white air when light streams in the front windows, my dad getting really sick, and having a nasty cold for the past two weeks.

So I was feeling invincible when I ordered a gin and tonic with dinner last night. We’re on vacation where it’s warm and sunny, and it’s just too cold in Seattle to drink gin between Labor Day and Memorial Day. My head didn’t care what the reasons were. All that mattered was that I consumed something it didn’t like. It reminded me of my betrayal with stabbing, throbbing pain above my left eye in the middle of the night.

It sucks to have such a vengeful illness.

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