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Good Stuff From ChronicBabe

ChronicBabe is always an awesome site; recently it’s been overflowing with terrific articles and links.

Illness and Empathy for Others
In her latest contribution to ChronicBabe, Laurie Edwards (whose articles I love) describes how her illness influences her interactions with loved ones when they have a passing illness — both positively and negatively.

Work and Illness
Lily Thomas, who has CDH and migraine, writes about working with people who don’t really understand what your illness is like. And her experience sorting it out when her boss was the one who didn’t understand.

Emotions in Patient-Doctor Communication
“Emotional patients” have trouble remembering what their doctors tell them, according to findings of a recent study. The “emotional” participants in the study latched onto frightening or worrying information.

Keeping Cool
Heat and dehydration are big headache triggers. ChronicBabe gave this link for ways to cool off.

In an essay on NPR‘s This I Believe, Kay Redfield Jamison writes about accepting the role of bipolar disorder in her life: “It is not a gentle or easy disease. And, yet, from it I have come to see how important a certain restlessness and discontent can be in one’s life; how important the jagged edges and pain can be in determining the course and force of one’s life.”

Invisible Chronic Illness
Next week is National Invisible Chronic Illness Awareness Week. During the week, people who live with invisible illnesses are encouraged to educate the “general public, churches, healthcare professionals and government officials” about the frustrations of having an illness that others can’t see.

Thanks to Jenni and all ChronicBabe contributors for sharing coping strategies and great resources.

4 thoughts on “Good Stuff From ChronicBabe”

  1. This posting on Sinol Nasal Spray has litterally changed my life around. Anyone here that has headaches needs to buy this product, amazing.


  2. “Two months ago, Dr. Alan Rapoport (New England Center for Headache) gave me two sample canisters of Sinol to try out, along with a prescription for Indocin (which I haven’t filled). I have been taking a “snort” at the first sign of a headache– sometimes needing to follow up with a second, third, even fourth, spaced an hour or two apart– but I have succeeded in heading off numerous headaches. In June, my headache frequency was down to 2 for the whole month (from the typical 12-15), even with air travel, balsamic vinegar, and an occasional splash of white wine– all sure triggers for me before Sinol”

    I’m so glad you’ve found some relief. I’ll be sure to check it out. Thanks!


  3. I find it very telling that even the University of Marburg considers headache to be a “minor symptom.” Migraine awareness is such a huge job–but a necessary one.

    Yes indeed.


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