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A Nerve Stimulatoree’s Positive Experience

My feelings about nerve stimulation has obviously changed over time and I have often wished that I wrote about the process as I went along. Mary Gustafson, a journalist in her mid-20s, has done exactly that on her blog That Headache Girl.

Mary, who is insightful and hilarious, describes the personal and technical aspects of the surgery and the device. During all this, she’s been interviewed by some TV stations that were writing about the procedure.

Be sure to check it out for another — and positive — view from a nerve stimulatoree or just for a great blog on life with headache. Here are some nerve stimulator-specific posts to get you started.

[9/21/06: Mary’s blog is not currently available.]

1 thought on “A Nerve Stimulatoree’s Positive Experience”

  1. are you still considering having yours removed? I was, once again – 3rd time now – denied by my ins. co., but am thinking it probably wasn’t meant to be for me. Not at this time anyway – too early in the stage

    My surgery is scheduled for September 12 and I can’t wait.

    I’m really curious to see how the stimulators shake out in five years. How many people, like me, thought that they were being helped and weren’t. How secure the leads are. How well they worked for people who have to have leads replaced.

    I hope that I’m the exception not the rule.


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