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TheraSpecs Migraine Glasses Featured on TV Show The Doctors!

TheraSpecs are featured on today’s episode of the TV show The Doctors! We’re so pleased they highlighted what makes TheraSpecs unique and mentioned that wearing regular sunglasses can worsen light sensitivity. You can watch for yourself:


I’m also glad that the entire segment on migraine has pretty good information. My main quibble is with the statement, “There are always certain foods for some people that will bring on migraines.” Not everyone has food triggers and those who do don’t always get a migraine attack after eating their trigger foods. Also, I believe the audience member’s question is why preventives that once worked stop working, but the response addresses overuse of painkillers and abortives. These issues seem more like unclear communication than inaccurate information. Not bad for covering a huge topic in only three-minutes.

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Treat Yourself to Relief: Save on TheraSpecs Through Dec. 31

Is headache or migraine relief what you’re really wishing for this holiday season? TheraSpecs are on sale through the end of the year, so treat yourself or a loved one! Use code WQTQ3QPTN3 in the checkout to get 20% of all indoor and outdoor TheraSpecs or 10% off our already-discounted combos. The code is good through the end of this year.

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Sensory Overload: When Migraine Overwhelms the Senses

Though it is actually about sensory overload in autism, this short animation depicts perfectly what I feel when a migraine heightens my senses so that sights, sounds, smells or touch are overwhelming. I become as irritable as a hungry three-year-old and want to curl up in the fetal position and shut down.

This video shows why I carry earplugs (in a metal box with engraving that says “My cure for everything”!) and calming the constant visual barrage with TheraSpecs is so helpful for me. In fact, a woman who tried TheraSpecs for migraine relief said they were wonderful for her ADD — she felt like they gave her brain a rest. It is exciting to have a product that provides real, noticeable relief in people’s daily lives.

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Last Chance to Complete TheraSpecs Survey & Enter to Win a Free Pair of Indoor TheraSpecs

Tomorrow, Wednesday, October 10, is the last day to complete the TheraSpecs survey about headaches, migraines and light sensitivity and enter to win your choice of a pair of indoor TheraSpecs migraine glasses or an iPod Shuffle. It only takes a few minutes to complete and will help me out enormously. Thanks!