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Spinal Headache Gone… Migraine in Full Force

The blood patch to treat the headache that followed my spinal tap required an emergency room visit, so I waited until it became absolutely necessary. It didn’t! I skipped it altogether and felt better on Sunday.

Then the hormones from the birth control pills I started Sunday morning kicked in and triggered a massive migraine. It eased off today and I’m enjoying the break. My migraines will probably be more frequent as my body adjusts to the hormones. I’m trying to be extra vigilant so I can use abortives as soon into the migraine as possible.

It has been a tough week, but I’m in good spirits. Since this last migraine let up, I’m using my migraine-free moments wisely. I’ve spent four hours organizing the basement, made cookies and cleaned the kitchen. Now I’m working and looking through the picture window at falling snow. I have a pretty good life.

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Spinal Tap Equals Spinal Headache

On Monday I finally got the spinal tap my doctor requested. The procedure wasn’t bad. I felt bad yesterday, but thought I might escape another spinal headache (and the associated dizziness and nausea). Silly me. I feel horrendous. Even having my head on a small pillow is making me dizzy.

I’m flat on my back in bed, holding my laptop in the air with one hand and typing with the other. Will likely spend the day watching Ugly Betty in a similar position. I plan to give updates through my Twitter account, TDHblog.

First I need to call the doctor to schedule a blood patch.