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Spinal Tap Equals Spinal Headache

On Monday I finally got the spinal tap my doctor requested. The procedure wasn’t bad. I felt bad yesterday, but thought I might escape another spinal headache (and the associated dizziness and nausea). Silly me. I feel horrendous. Even having my head on a small pillow is making me dizzy.

I’m flat on my back in bed, holding my laptop in the air with one hand and typing with the other. Will likely spend the day watching Ugly Betty in a similar position. I plan to give updates through my Twitter account, TDHblog.

First I need to call the doctor to schedule a blood patch.

10 thoughts on “Spinal Tap Equals Spinal Headache”

  1. hi, I dont know how old posts are but I have headache for 5 years now. What is very frustrating is the fact that pain is unvisible and it is hard to prove it. Some doctors believe some don’t . I have no life, in the past I was able to do everything and now my life is flat in the bed. What scares me the most is being alone and having no family.I also have twiching of the muscles and is very scary. Being alone stinks.

  2. So sorry about you
    r suffering..! I had a spinal 30yrs ago for a c-section followed by another 2 yrs later. They told me not to move and I didn’t. They said if this isn’t done right I could have spinal headaches the rest of my life. Which I do. Mostly when I am extremely stressed out, or move too quickly.

  3. Sorry to hear your not feeling well!! I have been suffering with ICP (intracranial hypertension) for almost 10 years. I have been getting 4-6 spinal taps a month for most of that time. I was lucky for awhile because I went into remission for 18 months.

    Any caffine will help; but mostly it’s just time. Not the answer any of us want, but it is what it is. My headaches are so sever that I go blind, have ringing in my ears, if not blind, than vertigo or tunnel vision. throwing up non-stop until I am rushed to the er.

    Talk about putting a damper on my life. I am lucky to have an INCREDIBLE husband and 4 loving kids + the rest of my family!! Take Care and hang in there; you also might want to talk to your neurologist about getting a shunt.

    Take Care, Carli

  4. I just went to a neuro here in aruba – he does not believe in the lido shot beforehand – says it hurts more than the puncture… I am kinda freaking out about this. Has anyone heard of an approach like this?

    Also – I’m getting this done for migraines – he said he was just testing the pressure – i’m thinking while he’s at it (and don’t want another one) what else should I be tested for.

    Thanks for the info about the blood shot – i’m going to ask about that too.

    Any info greatly appreciated!

  5. Hi Kerrie! I’ve read your blog on and off for awhile, but never posted before.

    I know you had this done awhile ago, but spinal taps suck! I had two in one week and apparently I have an extremely narrow spinal cavity to boot! I was fine after the procedure and the next day, then floored for the spinal headache for the next 10 days. Was the doctor able to figure anything out from the procedure? The new medicine I’m taking as a result of mine (Oct. 2008) seems to be helping me a lot. Wouldn’t it be great if what worked for one of us, worked for all of us?

  6. Hey Kerrie,
    My sympathies to you- I’ve been there, and I know that you should be resting and not twittering! Put some pillows under your hips as well as no pillow under your head. Fingers crossed it will pass on soon!


  7. Hi Kerrie,

    Take it easy. I had my LP headache for 12 days even after the blood patch. I was also told to drink coffee, which did help for an hour or so at a time, but laying down and staying that way was the only thing that really brought relief.

  8. I’ve been there before! I felt the worst pain 24 hours after, not during the actual prodecure. Mosty, I was scared what the reading would be. My heart skipped a beat when I realized I had to lay down during the middle of a cluster headache attack. I wish you all the best! Take it easy, and enjoy Ugly Betty!!

  9. Hey Kerrie, I always have to have a blood patch. I wait it out, hoping for once I’ll heal properly, and then after letting myself suffer, I give in.

    My dad is a retired anesthesiologist – he could just whip one out for you and I on demand. Wouldn’t that be great? Too bad neither of us live anywhere near him

    Hope you feel better soon.

  10. Hey there, from someone that’s had four — and a blood patch to boot, I must say that it’s important to take it easy afterwards and I don’t know if they told you this, but it was recommended to drink coffee. Rest up and feel better soon. Hope you don’t really need a blood patch if you do, good luck with that. It’s no fun.

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