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Spinal Headache Gone… Migraine in Full Force

The blood patch to treat the headache that followed my spinal tap required an emergency room visit, so I waited until it became absolutely necessary. It didn’t! I skipped it altogether and felt better on Sunday.

Then the hormones from the birth control pills I started Sunday morning kicked in and triggered a massive migraine. It eased off today and I’m enjoying the break. My migraines will probably be more frequent as my body adjusts to the hormones. I’m trying to be extra vigilant so I can use abortives as soon into the migraine as possible.

It has been a tough week, but I’m in good spirits. Since this last migraine let up, I’m using my migraine-free moments wisely. I’ve spent four hours organizing the basement, made cookies and cleaned the kitchen. Now I’m working and looking through the picture window at falling snow. I have a pretty good life.

9 thoughts on “Spinal Headache Gone… Migraine in Full Force”

  1. I’ve heard from my sister that chiropractic really helped her get rid of her migraines. I know first hand that it has diminished her headaches from once a week to once every few months and she says the severity is on the decline too. Anyway thanks Dr Nona…

  2. OUCH! that doesn’t sound fun! I just came across this posting, so I’m not sure if you tried Chiropractic Care. A recent patient of mine had been suffering from migraine headaches for 8 years, and finally tried chiropractic care- instead of daily debilitating migraine headaches, she now only has 1x/week! Of course it depends on the cause of your migraine headaches. Let me know if that helps? or if you have any questions…

  3. How go the birth control pills? I started taking Yaz on 2/1. I had horrible migraines on 2/6, 2/7, and 2/8. I had another one this past Friday, 2/13. I know they say give the pills 3 months to “take over” your body’s hormones, but I’m not sure I want another month like this one. I’ve had more migraines on them and they’ve been more intense. UGH.

  4. Kerrie, So sorry to hear about the BCP induced migraine. Please keep us posted on your progress with BCPs for headache control. My neuro just gave me a prescription for Yasmin (to be used continuously, skipping the placebo pills) in hopes it’ll control my menstrual headaches. I haven’t started it yet. The thought of triggering more migraines in hopes of eventually have fewer is a little daunting.

  5. You were blessed if the spinal tap eventually patched itself. Saved you from having the kind of pain that feels like your whole body is having a migraine. I appreciate how positive you are. We all need to have the same positive attitude you have.

  6. I’m glad you didn’t have to get the patch. I had not heard of that particular technique before. It was interesting to say the least.

    Keep up that wonderful positive attitude Kerrie. You are truly an inspiration.

  7. so glad to hear you didn’t need the patch and you are getting on with things. i love your optimism and positive outlook. i too have been holding on to keeping my spirits up and being grateful for a good life, oh and coincidentally, the snow is falling here too.

  8. Kerrie, I just came across your blog when checking info on Fibromyalgia. I don’t know what you have tried for your headaches but about 10 or so years ago I had migraines caused by everything. Have you tried Amitriptyline? Orginally used as anti-depressant. I had a female doctor give it to me for migraines-we had to try different dosages but it has worked forever. It is,now, used for Fibromyalgia pain, helps you sleep the entire night. When my rheumatologist found out I was already taking Amit. he just raised the dosage.

    Just thought I would make sure you have tried this because I function very well with my Fibro and arthritis because of this drug.

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