Talking Head Pain: A must-listen migraine podcast

Podcasts were a refuge for me when my migraine attacks were at their very worst. Reading was a trigger and watching TV was often overwhelming, so I’d lie in bed, listening to one podcast after the other. How I wish Talking Head Pain, a podcast from the Global Healthy Living Foundation hosted by advocate extraordinaire Joe Coe, had existed then.

Talking Head Pain tells in-depth stories of people living with migraine. The episodes are heartfelt and honest. They’re a chance to feel connected to other people—which can be tough in the throes of migraine—and also offer practical information to help you understand migraine better.

In choosing people to interview for Talking Head Pain, Joe specifically sought out people whose stories often don’t get told. So there aren’t a lot of straight white women in their 30s-50s, like most of the people telling their migraine stories. It’s wonderful to hear the range of experiences from a wide variety of people’s perspectives. I love hearing how much we have in common as well as the ways in which our experiences differ.

To learn more about Joe’s goals for the podcast and the stories he wants to amplify, read Talking Head Pain: A Podcast About Life With Migraine, the article I wrote for after interviewing Joe.

You can subscribe to Talking Head Pain wherever you get your podcasts. They have bonus episodes that will drop between seasons, so subscribing will ensure you don’t miss a thing. It’s a great listen and the episodes are 15-20 minutes long, so they don’t require a huge time investment.

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