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Headache Disorder & Migraine Advocacy in 5 Minutes

Five minutes and two email messages is all it takes to bolster the message of last week’s Headache on the Hill advocacy efforts. To reinforce our message, members of Congress need to hear from as many constituents as possible by Friday, April 9.

We are asking Members of Congress to support two requests this year:

At these links, you’ll find details on the issues, what we are asking of Congress, and a simple form to complete with your name and mailing address (this directs your email to the right Congress members).

It includes a pre-written email you can send. You can add two brief personal sentences to the email, if you’d like, or just send as is.

Please note: This request and opportunity is ONLY for people who did NOT attend HOH. 

Thank you for taking this important action to encourage Congress to support migraine and headache research and improve care for veterans with migraine and post-traumatic headache.

Photo by Scott Graham on Unsplash 

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