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Out of Comission

My health has been on a steady slide since June. I’ve spent the last six weeks mired in horrendous fatigue. I cannot think and can barely function. My frustration is high. I’m scared of what’s to come and grieving for what I’ve lost. Overall, I managing to stay relatively optimistic and present in the moment, but I have some bleak times.

There’s more to tell you than I’m able to write. I’ll leave you with the best news I have right now: a gastroenterologist has finally agreed to see me. There has to be a reason I get a migraine every time I eat; whether or not that reason can be found remains to be seen. My appointment is on October 6 and I see my headache specialist on October 7.


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  1. Hi Kerrie,

    Good luck, and please share what the GI dr. tells you! I’m really interested to hear about it, because my migraine triggers are all food-based–only in my case, I know which foods they are. But because my food trigger list has grown so much over time (at this point, there are very few non-trigger foods left), it could look to the naked eye as if eating in general were my problem. Indeed, it can be hard to tell the difference, because it’s nearly impossible to go a day without encountering *something* that bothers me, even if it’s due to my own poor self-discipline or hunger!

  2. Keep on trucking. I’m currently doing my master’s degree and I’m also just dropping off the face of the earth while everyone else keeps motoring on.

    It could always be worse…. We could have migraines and live in Syria…

    Perhaps you could look into some dictating software…. Might be a bit hard sometimes to even dictate anything, but even the sporadic contributions might make things better. Might also be interesting if you could somehow characterise the things you’re experiencing into your work (perhaps in a very indirect and non literal way).

  3. I’m really sorry to hear how much you’re suffering, Kerrie. I hope your writing is going well, because you certainly have a gift for translating deep and important thoughts and feelings to the written word!
    The link between GI symptoms and migraines can be a lot more complex than identifying an offending ingredient. There are physiologic circulatory responses in the brain that occur when the gut goes to work, and there are known changes in the gut that occur in frequent migraineurs…hard to say which is causing which, but hopefully, you’re seeing someone who’s expertly dialed in to these less-than everyday migraine symptoms!

  4. So sorry to hear about your summer, Kerrie. I understand how overwhelmed you feel and hope your appointment in October can provide you with some hope. Sending you good thoughts and strength at this time when it is hard to have it yourself.

  5. Hate to read this post…I’m so sorry Kerrie. Wishing you better days ahead & renewed peace as you search for answers.

  6. I’ve been a silent reader of your blog till today – I’m a migraine sufferer from Germany.

    So sad to hear that, I keep my fingers crossed that the doctors can help you and you will feel better soon!

    Thank you for your great work with this blog.

  7. I hope you have some improvement soon! I also hope the gastro doc is helpful. It may be tough to figure out that gastro-neuro link, as it is smack between those two fields. Hang in there Kerrie.

  8. I am so happy to see that someone has the same issue I have! Why do I get headaches after eating! (Not that I am happy you get them!). I used to think it had something to do with what I ate, but changing diet didn’t help. I tried not eating, but blood sugar dropping to 57 made me have to eat.
    Please let us know what your docs say. Good luck, and take care of you.

  9. Hi Kerrie,

    I am so sorry that you are suffering so intensely and feel as though this misery will never end. Grit your teeth (unless you have TMJ issues) and hang on, it will end. You know this is true because you have survived episodes like this in the past…maybe not as horrific, but you know you have the strength to come out the other side.

    Like you, migraines are not my only health concern. The rounds of my docs, consultants, surgery, meds, dose adjustments, etc…can be encouraging one day and depressing the next. But I am always happy when someone or something new is on the horizon (not Horizant.) I truly wish that your pain could stop right this second. But I am thrilled that there may be some answers and treatment on your near horizon.

    My thoughts are with you,


  10. So sorry you have been suffering so. I hope you are able to get some relief soon. Hope the new doc is able to give you some answers. We will be here if and when you are able to and choose to return. Hugs.

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