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TheraSpecs FL-41 Glasses Now Available

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TheraSpecs, the company Hart and I have started, is now open for business selling precision-tinted therapeutic glasses! Clinical research shows they can reduce the frequency of migraine attacks, relieve sensitivity to light during a migraine, protect you from light-triggered migraines (especially from fluorescent lights and CFLs), and reduce headaches and eyestrain. They are available in both an indoor tint and a darker polarized tint for outdoor use.

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2 thoughts on “TheraSpecs FL-41 Glasses Now Available”

  1. Awesome! Can’t wait for an option for prescription glasses-wearers! I gotta say, Kerrie, I started reading your blog back in December when I was having daily migraines that just wouldn’t leave me alone for over 4 weeks straight. It was ruining my grades, social life, and the holidays! In desperation I googled “chronic migraines” and your blog popped up and I’ve been reading it ever since! These glasses are awesome, thinking about buying some for my mom (who struggles with migraines more than I do)and perhaps a pair for me too! All the best to you and your husband, and to your new business! Cheers!

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