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Sleuthing the Connection Between Migraine Episodes and Weather

WeatherSpark is a super-easy way to investigate the role weather plays in triggering your migraine episodes. Using current and historical data from a variety of national and international sources, WeatherSpark creates clear, detailed graphs based on the weather conditions you choose. Options include amount of sunshine, amount of cloud cover, precipitation type and amount, pressure, humidity, and more. For any of these factors, you can get data from specific days, months or years, or an average over multiple years. And, my favorite feature, three locations can be compared simultaneously.

Words are inadequate to describe the awesomeness of WeatherSpark. Get thee to the site and check out the beautiful graphs for yourself!

4 thoughts on “Sleuthing the Connection Between Migraine Episodes and Weather”

  1. The weather can definitely trigger my migraines. Getting too much sun can as well. Stress also plays a part as does just being outside too much since I have terrible allergies. I also get headaches at the back of my head that radiate up into my skull. Since I was a child I have suffered with severe headaches.
    Twenty-nine years ago I suffered my most severe migraine headache. I was pregnant at the time. My right eye closed and my vision was distorted. At first the doctors thought I was having an aneurism. I was admitted to St. Francis Hospital in Peoria, IL. They did a CAT Scan. No sign of an aneurism. My headache continued for weeks and my eye stayed closed for months.
    I went to several doctors over the years. One doctor was treating me with Elevil (amytriptalin)because he said my headaches were psychosomatic although I kept having the headaches. Finally I found another doctor who was conducting a headache clinic in Springfield, IL. They found out my septum was deviated. When surgery was performed they found polyps all over the back of my eye. These polyps were from sinus and allergy disease.

    Five years ago the same headache returned with the same closing of my right eye. Then a month ago the same headache with the right closing came back. My headache is gone because of steroids, but my right eye is still closed.

  2. I recently saw some info on migraine triggers on show like cbs news and “The Journal” with Joan Lunden, that talked about weather as one of a list of triggers, light sound, food preservatives were some others.

  3. This is why we are moving to San Diego! I’ll be interested to know how your condition has been since your move, Kerry. Has it been better for you? Hope you’re well and hope we can connect more when I’m State-side!


  4. REALLY great website!! Thanks for sharing. I’ve tried to do some of my own tracking in the past, but its been hard. I still don’t think many, if any, of my headaches are triggered by weather, but this may help me find out.

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