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Migraine Day Turns Into Multi-Day Migraine

lemonadeMy scheduled migraine day ended with a trip to the emergency room for Hart. He had chest pain and wanted to be sure it wasn’t serious. It wasn’t — he’s perfectly OK. But we didn’t get home until almost 4 a.m.

The stress, caffeine I drank at the hospital, and messed up sleep schedule has extended Wednesday’s planned migraine into multiple migraine days. The nausea has been unbearable and I’ve been drugged to the hilt. That made yesterday not too bad!

Hart is out of sorts too. He went straight from the airport to the ER after returning from a three-day business trip to Atlanta. Except for constant drilling outside — we have to replace the main water line to our house — things are quiet around here. Baseball season starts Sunday and MLB has free games online this weekend. I imagine we’ll spend a lot of the weekend watching baseball. Sounds perfect to me!

Rereading this post, I’m pleased to see my automatic response is to turn lemons into lemonade. This isn’t the case all the time, but is my default. I don’t know how I would survive migraine life without a positive attitude. I’m so grateful.

5 thoughts on “Migraine Day Turns Into Multi-Day Migraine”

  1. I, Too am in the throes of a multi-day migraine. I missed work on (hursday and only went in for an hour on Friday. I’ve taken zongram, topomax, imitrex oral and injection, phenergan oral and suppository, benadryl yet I can’t keep anything down. I’m diabetic, so I’m watching my blood sugar and luckily it hasn’t gone too low, but I am in misery as I sit here peeking through one squinty eye – the other is closed – pecking out this post on my Blckberry since I can’t sit up long enough to go to the office and use the proper computer. I just want relief without more pills. I’m afraid I’m going to wind up in the ER, which I hate doing, because my option is Vanderbilt (if I want my neurologist to call inn orders). And vanderbilt is the main trauma hospital for this area, o the wait is always VERy long. Aaarrrgggg

  2. Its obvious to me. stress + caffine = migrane. I find it very surprising that you were so offended by ” Heal your headach” . I have read it, and it has helped tremendously. Dr. Bucholtz is my personal neurologist, and is a very good doctor. I think you shoud read it again. Myself and about 3 other people who I am close to, read and use that book to manage migranes…good luck

  3. Yay for baseball…my husband and I too are great fans, and today is opening day for the Colorado Rockies. He bought excellent tickets and despite a horrible day yesterday…..incredible hand and arm pain to the point I could not hold the remote, out of control headache, and I had to call in to Starbucks and get someone to work for me, and I had to stay home all night from bowling and fun with my hubby and his brother….I hate it…however, WE WILL BE AT THE BALL PARK IN ABOUT AN HOUR! I am so excited…(if the caps weren’t indication enough) and grateful that I feel a bit better today. I read your blog from a couple years ago about baseball and dealing with pain. Getting through each inning, in hopes that during the next, we can get a hit and things will be better. Or the determination that after a loss, there is a game tomorrow to win! Your analogy was so touching that I cried when I read it. It was just so descriptive of what I deal with each day to get through the pain and attempt to function. So from one huge baseball fan to another…..happy baseball season! I saw you were a diamondbacks fan and found that ironic too since those were the opening games this week for the rockies…..good games…I did not get to see any but, read recaps. I am so excited that this time of year is here again. You are so right about the hope baseball seems to bring.

    So we will get on the train, and ride to the park for the home opener at Coors field against the phillies (scary to play the world series champs first thing, but I belive!) I will end here…to much rambling, but there is a light at the end of the tunnel, and today for me it is seeing some baseball.

    Thanks for the kind words — it means a lot to me. Hope the game is terrific!


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