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A Joyous Return to Yoga

Last week I went to my first yoga class in more than a year. It was amazing.

My body felt better. My mind felt better. My head even felt a little better. At home, my practice is always half-hearted and rushed. It is more about getting through what I need to do. What I’ve always loved about yoga is focusing on the good my body can do instead of how my health drags me down. I feel strong and whole. I haven’t found that in my home practice, but I felt it in class.

Maybe because I felt safe with the teacher walking me through everything I had to do. I pushed myself, but gently. My neck and shoulders, already loosened up after a massage on Monday, felt better than they have in a year. Seriously.

Having only a few good hours most days, usually in the morning, has kept me from class. If I devote that time to class, then I don’t get anything else done. Tuesday I went to class, then had a great rest of the day. More energy and strength followed. I got my good hours and then some.

Maybe it was a fluke, but Monday and Tuesday were great days. I felt good physically and mentally. I’d like to attribute it to massage and yoga. Or maybe it was the return to exercise, as not exercising contributes to headaches. (Although I doubt one day made much difference!)

In any case, I’ve planned a new routine. Such plans aren’t usually successful for me, but I think I can do this. Massage at 9:30 a.m. Monday and yoga in that time slot on Tuesday and Thursday.

Just like that I swung from despair to hopefulness. I’m trying to temper my excitement, but it is hard. Not only did I do something I love last week, I think it actually helped my head. *fingers crossed*

7 thoughts on “A Joyous Return to Yoga”

  1. I just came upon this blog, so I am sorry that I don’t know anything about your attempts to rid yourself of migraines. But I can tell you that I have had severe migraines since I was a child (I am 48 years old now) at the rate of two per month (each migraine lasted about four days), and they increased over time. I had migraines pretty much every day for the past five years…. until 45 days ago. I have not had a migraine since. It is an absolute shock! What did I do? I stopped eating anything that had MSG in it. MSG is hidden in lots of things – goes by “secret” names on labels. I can’t eat out now or have anything from a regular grocery store. I have to shop at a health food store and still read every label. Maybe you have tried this. I am very upset that manufacturers are not required to put MSG on the label when it is present in a food.

  2. Kerrie,

    I am really happy you had a great return to yoga last week. I hope you are able to continue to make it to class and enjoy it as you did last week. I have lost my hobbies to the headaches over the years and have yet to find a new one. It is something that has been bothering me lately.

    Anyway, hold on to that glimmer and enjoy your time at yoga.


  3. What a conveniently timed post, Kerrie! I’ve taken a handful of yoga classes but never signed up for any regular class until now. Next week I’m starting a Therapeutic Yoga program at a local hospital’s holistic health center and cannot wait! Your post helps ease my slight anxiety about starting a new, unfamiliar course.

  4. Yay, Kerrie! I’m working on getting Nia dance into my routine on my herbalist’s suggestion (check out a great description of Nia here: I know I’ll feel better if I go, but it’s hard sometimes to get over feeling worse before I feel better, as inevitably happens when I go out.

    Plus, with the sunny weather we’ve had this week, it’s hard not to feel optimistic.


  5. I actually just found a great massage therapist myself. I went for an hour massage and when it was over she told me she couldn’t believe how tight all my muscles were. She really encouraged me to stretch, preferably after taking a hot shower. Besides the relaxation of the massage, I’ve also stopped drinking diet soda. Between both of those things, I think, my headaches have been better, at least during the day. I also tried a bit of a detox diet for a couple of days, which if nothing else at least helped me get off some junk food. Every little bit helps.

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