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oops, I really dropped the ball last week. I did write out a post as I’d promised I would, but it disappeared. I couldn’t find it in the draft section – it was gone. To tell you the truth, I didn’t have the energy to write another so I let it go. Anyway, Megan found it yesterday. How weird. So, today’s post is the best from Help My Hurt over the past two weeks.

June: Living with Pain Blog Carnival

Heroes actor Jack Coleman spreads the word about women and pain

Poetry to ease the pain? (and a poetry book give-away)

Painful dry mouth from medicationsThis is a great post by a guest poster on how she deals with the horrible “Sahara mouth” as she calls it – caused by her medications.

Traveling and migraines

Children with migraines have higher risk of sleep apnea and other disorders

Pregnancy and migraines

Have chronic pain? You can still have sex.

An extra back pain question answered- This question has to do with migraines and back pain.

Company’s calling – a different type of visitor Serena Wadhwa Psy.D., LCPC, CADC talks about working with people who have chronic pain.

10 things people do when they have pain

FDA Recall: Morphine Sulfate 60 mg Extended Release Tablets – Recall of a Single Lot

Help My Hurt continues to follow Olympic cyclist Kristin Armstrong

Company’s calling – Janine Shepherd

Press Release from NIH about complementary & alternative medicine

Marijke has volunteered to keep The Daily Headache running while I’m on vacation. An RN turned writer, her excellent blog is called Help My Hurt. -Kerrie

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