Favorite Posts on Free my Brain from Migraine Pain

Some older posts, but ones not to miss, on Free My Brain From Migraine Pain include:

  • Do I have Migraines or do they Me? : Reflecting on our feelings towards those who love and take care of us: expressing gratitude, and sorrow, without apology.
  • Boy, That’s a Real Migraine! : A rant on the use of “migraine” in the news media to mean a hassle or an inconvenience (or even an international crisis!)
  • It’s Not Me, it’s the Migraine Talking : Remembering in the midst of Migraine that there is more to life; the Migraine does not speak the truth.
  • It’s a Migraine, my Friends : Life is hard enough on our friendships. Migraines just make it harder. With a bit of encouragement to maintain friendships the best we can.
  • Coming out of the Migraine Closet : Speculating on what would happen if migraineurs came out of the closet about our disease; if we made sure everyone did “get it”. Maybe the courage of the GLBT movement has something to offer us.

Megan Oltman, a migraine management coach, has volunteered to keep The Daily Headache running while I’m on vacation. Be sure to check out her blog, Free My Brain From Migraine Pain for more thoughts, tips and techniques on managing life with migraine. -Kerrie

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