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Working on Computer, Reading Triggering Massive Headaches, Nausea & Dizziness

Working on the computer and reading have been triggering bad migraines for the last week. I can handle the head pain, but the extreme nausea and dizziness are nearly intolerable. The combination of the three obliterated my weekend. I feel OK now and am going to try to save that feeling so I can have fun with my sweet husband tonight. Maybe we can even go out to dinner. I only need to make it seven more hours, so I’m done with the computer for the day.

2 thoughts on “Working on Computer, Reading Triggering Massive Headaches, Nausea & Dizziness”

  1. I have found that drammamine works wonders when I get nauseated from my computer. I have to adjust the pixels, screen lighting, etc., but even then on certain days, esp. when I am concentrating hard and am tired, I will get so nauseated I can’t move my body. It’s awful, and I repeat throw up for hours, and only time wears it off. I talked to the CVS pharmacist & she recommended less drowsy drammamine. It’s AWESOME! No matter how icky I feel, within 20 minutes of taking one tablet, the nausea disappears 100%. I would recommend the CVS brand, less drowsy motion sickness tablets b/c that kind doesn’t make me sleepy at all whereas the drammamine name brand less drowsy one does. Good luck!

  2. Funny you should mention dizziness and nausea. I spent yesterday feeling perfectly awful – lots of headache pain, which was bad enough, but the dizziness and nausea were even worse. Today I still have the pain, but no more spins.

    I think my trigger was exhaustion, but that trifecta of symptoms really made the day quite awful.

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