Weathering the Unrelenting Migraine Storm

sunshine windowI woke up from my four-hour migraine-induced nap yesterday to late afternoon sun shining through the windows. Small fluffy white clouds dotted the oh-so-rare blue sky. From most of the windows at least. A massive dark gray cloud crept up from the east. I enjoyed the sunny sky as much as possible, but couldn’t ignore the impending rain.

Ready for the obvious metaphor? My migraines followed a predictable pattern since last Thursday. The mornings were good. Each day I soothed the migraine episode so it only lasted part of the day instead of consuming it all. But downpours are always a threat.

Monday the pattern was broken; a severe migraine was inevitable. I hoped if I let the migraine run its course, I’d be left with sunshine and flowers. I gave in, knowing that a two-hour nap usually means the difference between writhing in pain and being capable of coherent conversation. Not this time.

For five days I wasn’t even concerned about the deluge lying in wait. Monday’s migraine seemed like a cruel joke but an anomaly all the same. When Tuesday’s migraine wouldn’t abate, I remembered how heavy the rain normally is.

I try to approach my migraines as Seattleites approach weather: hide when the rain is too much, enjoy not-too-rainy moments and celebrate the beautiful ones. Always expect rain and have an alternate plan, but secretly wish there will be a break in the weather.

From November to May, the 10-day weather forecast is predictable: Clouds and rain with a few bright breaks. I always expect the breaks — both rain and migraine — to be longer than they are. My only backup plan is to get through each migraine, knowing the weather can change anytime. Maybe the clouds on the horizon will blow right past.

3 thoughts on “Weathering the Unrelenting Migraine Storm”

  1. Ah, yes. All too familiar the rain/weather changes. I cannot get into my trusty infusion center this week!! GGrrrr. So, I hold out to next week with my only abortive, that I can only take for three days. But which three days to take them?? Do I start today, or tomorrow so I can get through the weekend with it? Knowing what the so-called forcast shows. Oh, but that will change, naturally. Oh, you forgot to add a lightning bolt up there in the pictures (HA!)

  2. Dear Kerrie,

    Unrelenting migraine storm. It sounds horrible. I am oh so sorry. I have found meditation and being in the moment to be a good coping tool. Often I realize my breathing is rapid and not calm. It’s been surprising. When I get my breathing to slow it’s soothing. Even if I’m in pain if I can get my breath to calm down I feel somewhat better in that small accomplishment. I am sorry for your and all of our migraine pain. J

  3. I can relate to this post so well. Do I say this for every post? 🙂 Experiencing my own storm, brought on my allergies. Depressed tonight because I’m thinking of the next 6 months of migraine hell the allergies bring. I’m doing my magic dance of allergy meds, herbal remedies, Neti pot, and sacrificing to the headache gods, but I’m losing faith.

    But like you, I’ll just wait for the break in the weather and enjoy it when it comes. For as long as it lasts.

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