New York Times Migraine Blog Features The Daily Headache

In Beyond Kittens, Beyond Angels, the final post on the New York Times migraine blog, All in My Head author Paula Kamen features The Daily Headache and an interview with yours truly. It is a great post on the importance of online communities in dealing with illness. Congratulations to Loolwa Khazoom and Jenni Prokopy whose blogs were also highlighted.

Welcome New York Times migraine blog readers! Wondering where to start on The Daily Headache? Take a look at some favorite posts and browse a bit. Visit our online support group and forum to chat with others with migraine and other headache disorders.

4 thoughts on “New York Times Migraine Blog Features The Daily Headache”

  1. That’s great! Oddly enough I had just come across that blog about two weeks ago but forgot to subscribe to it in my RSS reader. Keep up the good work 🙂

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