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Good Morning! Common Morning Headaches Not So Common for Me (Lately)

It seems that if I don’t wake up with a migraine, I feel pretty good in the morning. The headaches aren’t too bad and other migraine symptoms are mild. I generally wake up with energy and high hopes for the day. Granted, this doesn’t happen frequently these days and I crash two or three hours later. But still. . . .

Is imploding at 11 a.m. inevitable or is morning truly better? Can I stretch out the low pain times by waking up earlier? There’s a complicating factor, though. I’ve had energy bursts the last two evenings and they’ve lasted until I go to bed. I’ve been up past midnight both nights, which precludes waking up early.

Do I go to bed earlier so I can try mornings or hope that evenings continue to be good? The second isn’t guaranteed, but so much more appealing.

I’m not sure why I’m dithering so much. Of course I have to at least try to extend my good mornings by waking up earlier. No reason to waste the potential gift.

Unfortunately, many people don’t have my luck — many people wake up with a headache every day. Possible causes are numerous: Migraines, tension-type headaches, rebound headaches, dehydration, sleeping with your neck at a strange angle, sleeping too long, caffeine withdrawal, normal physiological fluctuations. …

In other words, figuring out what’s wrong isn’t simple. Seeing your doctor is the best way to get on the right treatment path. The good news is that morning headaches are rarely a sign of life-threatening headaches.

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