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American Pain Foundation’s Pain and Creativity Center

The American Pain Foundation and HealthCentral have created an online exhibit to highlight the importance of creativity activities in coping with chronic pain. The exhibit includes poetry, prose, digital photos, artwork and crafts, and inspirational videos. Everyone who has made a submission has included a paragraph describing how their art represents their pain experience.

Although the deadline has passed for submitting entries for mention at this month’s American Pain Foundation’s anniversary celebration, the exhibit is ongoing. You may add your contribution on the APF Pain and Creativity Center.

Whether you’re interested in looking at others’ work or submitting your own, recognizing the importance of creativity in health is inspiring.

2 thoughts on “American Pain Foundation’s Pain and Creativity Center”

  1. It’s a terrific and very poignant exhibit.

    I developed a chronic pain condition about 7 years ago. When it was at its worst, before I found a combination of treatments that started to help, the only two times I was without pain was when I could finally get to sleep, and when I was writing in my journal. I never kept a journal or took writing seriously before — but I sure do now.

    I think that immersing yourself in some creative activity takes you some place else, some place better.

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