I’m Skipping Halloween

I love answering the door for trick or treaters. Tons of kids visit our neighborhood with big smiles and cute costumes. Our porch lights will be off this year. I just know it will be too much for me.

After migraines in the night both Friday and Saturday, the dizziness and pain finally let up Sunday night. My mom came to town Friday, so I was happy to feel OK for at least part of her visit. Yesterday we took the train to Portland for my sister’s birthday dinner.

I got an early train back today so I could prep for our drive to Montana on Friday. We’re visiting dear friends who have two-month-old twin girls. We can’t wait to see the happy parents and hold the darling babies. The last couple weeks have depleted my energy, but I wouldn’t miss this trip for anything.

Perhaps you recognize this topic; I write about it so much it bores me. I simply can’t keep myself from overdoing it. I am improving a bit — I’m only over scheduled for 10 days, not three weeks! I doubt I’ll ever figure out this balance thing, but am glad I’m trying. At least I know that something, even if it is a holiday that only comes around once a year, has to give.

4 thoughts on “I’m Skipping Halloween”

  1. It’s OK that you didn’t do Halloween this year. I didn’t either. A couple of years ago, I gave up doing the big family Christmas party every year. What a relief!

    Thanks for your blog. It’s really helped me to know I’m not the only one.


  2. ABSOLUTELY – I am glad you took the night off – they can do without another cavity! Wish I had the courage to have done that. Take care and enjoy little ones in smaller doses.

  3. Kerrie, Hope you have a Happy Halloween and it’s OK that you’re not answering the door 50 times this year. I know the kids will still get plenty of candy. Good luck on your long drive! You are one brave girl!

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