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Could Being a Scatterbrain Trigger Your Headaches or Migraines?

When his migraines increased as his workload increased, Joe realized that a major trigger was being scatterbrained. At first I thought he meant the stress of being scatterbrained, but that’s not how his theory goes. Joe has become less scatterbrained and reduced his migraine frequency with a simple tool: Carefully managed to do lists.

Check out what he has to say in Headache Cause: Scatterbrain? Fix: To Do Lists? Even if you don’t agree with the theory he puts forth, his ways of managing his to do list are excellent.

1 thought on “Could Being a Scatterbrain Trigger Your Headaches or Migraines?”

  1. I don’t know about the theory, but I can definitely see where being consistent enough to trust the list would help.

    And I know that for me – my migraines can CAUSE me to be scatterbrained, just by virtue of fog, confusion, and exhaustion. So, even if list-making didn’t help the migraines themselves, it is quite possible that it’d still make life more manageable.

    I know my fully mapped grocery list prevents me from going up notches on the pain scale, because I’m out from under the lights quicker.

    I’m with you on all your points. Store lights are evil, aren’t they?


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