Your Favorite Posts?

I’d like to include some “must-read posts” in the sidebar, but am having trouble narrowing down. Which ones have stood out for you? If you were to tell someone else about The Daily Headache, which posts would you recommend?

If you don’t remember specific posts, let me know what topics are particularly helpful and I’ll go from there. I have more than 450 posts and don’t know where to start!

You can add them to the comments or e-mail them to me. Thanks so much!

4 thoughts on “Your Favorite Posts?”

  1. Your break up with peanut butter is also one of my favorite posts. Tragic but funny–and I can sooo relate. Tracking down and eliminating my multitude of dietary triggers has been the thing that’s helped me the most, so your posts on diet are of particular interest to me. I’m still waiting for a follow up post on the bean casserole.

    I’m wimping out on testing beans. I don’t want to provoke a headache.

    I had soup with lima beans in it yesterday. My pain was higher than it had been during the rest of the day, but was on par with typical afternoon pain levels.

    Diving into a bowl of kidney beans is the only way to do it. Maybe next week.


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