Stimulator Photos

stimulatorHart took photos of the stimulator before my surgery. Thought you’d be interested in seeing what it looked like. Click on the images to see a bigger photo.

If you’re thinking about getting one, don’t let these pictures dissuade you. My stimulator was considerably larger than those used now. Also, the current trend is to implant them in the lower back/upper butt. I assume time has shown this stresses the leads least.

Mayo is supposed to send my stimulator after their legal department clears it from inventory. I’ll post photos and dimensions then.

Also included for your amusement is my current haircut — my remedy for the huge uneven rectangle in my hair. The surgeon needs remedial training for his shaving skills. (Sorry, Mom, I know you hate it.)









5 thoughts on “Stimulator Photos”

  1. Thanks all!

    This is the second time I’ve shaved my head. The first was three years ago before my trial surgery. I’ve been itching to do it again so this was a good excuse.

    I may keep it this way for a while.


  2. Well, I never imagined that I would see the day when one of my darling daughters appeared on the internet wearing only a towel! Ah, well, motherhood has been one eye-opening experience after the other!

    I hope you feel better each day. Love, Mom

  3. Kerrie, I’m so happy for you! We’re sending positive thoughts your way! And yes, fuzzy hair is fun, but I didn’t have the good excuse that my surgeon made me do it! My mom hated it too- but Dad helped with our dog’s clippers! Wishing you all the best!

  4. oww! very cyborg chic. i had no idea what this entailed. you dear,dear girl…the links we go to to free ourselves from this headache hell. i hope you are recovering and nothing gets worse.

    i do like the new liberating haircut. you are one woman who can definitely wear short hair! thanks kerrie, for exposing us to these fascinating details! stay well.

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