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Medical Marijuana Mess in Washington State

Schoolhouse Rock makes the law-making process seem straightforward. There’s no song to explain what happens when that law is full of holes, not all law enforcement officials understand (or choose to uphold) the law, and/or the law doesn’t coincide with federal laws. Instead, patients get tossed around in the unintended consequences and unaddressed problems of the law.

That’s the best summary I can write for this article from the Seattle Weekly. Whoever wrote the headline, Club Pot Med, had to be high at the time, but the fascinating article explores the crusade of Douglas Hiatt, a former public defender, whose career is dedicated to supporting patients by sorting out this law. The article explains,

“The mess that gets Hiatt out of bed each day exists because the state’s medical marijuana law is so broadly worded that cops keep busting legitimate patients, that judges state that the law doesn’t exist, and that newly diagnosed cancer patients, for example, are frequently left with no practical way to grow their own marijuana, as the law allows. They are a bit too sick, and it takes three to four months to go from seed to weed. That’s a lot of vomiting in the meantime.”

2 thoughts on “Medical Marijuana Mess in Washington State”

  1. Ok so I am also trying to get my card but if you go to your doctor and show him some fact on how it actually helps ur acute pain cause depression is not a symptom for use of Herb medicly. But ur acute pain that obviously has not been taken care of by the pain meds and taking u off them and not giving u a card is just mean. I know pain too maybe not as bad but when I go tcancer treatment they never had me move I gre 6-8 in in a bed. my back is bad lol. Keep trying and maybe someday all will relize we need to al be responsible. That way we dont have people miss using it and then we the ones who need it get punished. I wish u gl ^^

  2. i would like to tell my story. i was in a car accident at the age of 7. i had an emergency spinal fusion in section L5 of my, twenty four years later, i am turning 31 this month, i have been dealing with pain and depression. my hips are dislocated and my feet are parallyzed. last year my dr. did a yearly mandatory ua and found pot in it. he weined me off of the methadone/120 mg/day because of the pot in my system. i am grasping at straws here for someone to hear my story and actually do something about it. i am in severe pain in my lower back and my whole pelvic area. i am confined to a chair and have 2 beautiful boys that take care of as much as i do them. i face a lot of depression due to being confined in this chair, which is why i smoke pot. if there is anyone out there that knows a dr. that will prescribe pain meds & pot, please let me know. thank you. my email address is

    I’m so sorry to hear that you’re suffering so much. I wish I could help, but I don’t have any suggestions for you. I wish you the best of luck in your search.


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