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“Among the Worst Nonfatal Afflictions of Humankind”

That’s what a New York Times article from yesterday says about migraine! (That’s right, the New York Times.) The article begins,

“Everything you thought you knew about migraine headaches — except that they are among the worst nonfatal afflictions of humankind — may be wrong. At least that’s what headache researchers now maintain. From long-maligned dietary triggers to the underlying cause of the headaches themselves, longstanding beliefs have been brought into question by recent studies.”

It just gets better from there. The differences between migraine and a headache are highlighted and little-known information, like the plethora of related symptoms and the severe disability that accompanies a migraine episode, is addressed.

I’m so excited that the illness is being noticed by a major media voice that I’m simultaneously bouncing in my chair and tearing up. It’s currently the most e-mailed article on their website. Perhaps your friends and family (and maybe even co-workers) need to see it too.

2 thoughts on ““Among the Worst Nonfatal Afflictions of Humankind””

  1. Hi Kerrie- Three different people sent me the article. I felt the same way you did – grateful for such public validation that will be widely read. I’m glad to hear the article is getting alot of attention. The phrasing, “among the worst non-fatal afflictions of humankind”, sort of took my breath away. It’s quite a statement. Good to be taken seriously and understood.

    It’s not getting as much attention as I hoped (I expected other newspapers to pick it up), but it’s definitely a start.


  2. wow kerrie! that is great news. it’s like we are finally publically validated to the great unwashed masses. i hadn’t seen the article in my daily sources, so thanks for the heads up!

    You’re welcome. I’m hoping it will spur other articles, but I haven’t seen any yet.


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