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These posts from other headache bloggers have caught my eye recently.

Terri of Wind Lost has written a beautiful post about grief. I’m not posting an excerpt here because the photo that accompanies the post is vital to what she’s written.

Have You Tried _______ Treatment?
When someone first learns that I have migraine, they always ask, “Have you tried [insert amazing treatment that that person’s neighbor’s daugther had great success with]?” Chiropractic care pops up most often, but hypnosis is also on the list. On Headaches and Movies Laura describes her visit to a hypnotherapist.

“My Pain is Worse Than Yours”
Artin’s co-workers have been trying to one-up him on their medical troubles. I don’t know what other ailments, but what he describes as “red-hot-railroad-spike-through-to-my-frontal-lobe discomfort” sounds pretty bad to me.

So many headache blogs are up now that I usually only get to skim them and I miss a lot. If you’ve written a post that you think The Daily Headache readers would enjoy, e-mail me about it. And if you’re a new blogger that’s not listed on my blogroll, let me know about it and I’ll add your blog.

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  1. I have a constant headache, 24 hours of the day, 7 days a week for the past 8 months. We have not found a pain relief that helps. I have had my eyes tested, MRI, blood tests, migraine medication, hormone medication, chiropractic, massage, excercise, relaxation techniques. Has anyone else experienced this? My only other option offered by a doctor is to see a neurologist, which means travelling 3 hours for every appointment. I find it very debilitating seeing I have not had a single second for the past 8 months without having a headache. The pain varies for 3-6, I am 20 years old and female.

    1. Lisa, seeing a neurologist who is knowledgeable in headache disorders really is your best bet. Headache disorders are very treatable, as long as you have a doctor who understands how to do it. Be sure to let the doctor know that you have to travel — most understand that and are willing to reduce the number of appointments and work with patients by phone.

      Take care,

  2. I’ve minimized my headaches with Trigger Optics Sunglasses. I used to get bolt-like head pain and migraines. I’d seen several specialists and had tried many medications for years with little results. Now, at the first signs of a headache, I wear the sunglasses, even if I’m on the computer or at a night ball game. I went from no-life to having fun again with my family. If you or someone you know is having headache problems you shoud look into these

    Rick J.

  3. I recently discovered Dr. Mauskop’s Migralex and for the first time in ten years I am having quick relief from headaches.
    His site is if you’d like to find out more.
    Hope it helps,

  4. I have been getting headaches since May 10, 2009. They started one night I had gone out with friends to the movie and went to eat on the way home I had this sudden occurrence of pain located on the left side on my head just between my frontal and temporal lobe. They feel like a stabbing pain in the side of my head, but not a continuous stab just constant. I have tried every over the counter pain re-leaver and none help with the pain. I rate my pain a 7 on a scale of 1-10. I have seen a neurologist about 2 months after my first occurrence she prescribed Naproxen 500mg to be taken 2x a day for 5 days and then 1x a day there after. This did not help. I am currently seeing a chiropractor who believes my headaches are from two vertebra in my neck being stuck together. I have been going to her for about 5-6 weeks now and have not had any relief. Is there anything else that I should try that may give my a relief from pain or any suggestions on what sorta doctor I should try next. This is the 6th months of pain and I need re leaf fast.

  5. I saw above that chiropractic was mentioned. I have had great success with headache reduction and elimination. There are sometimes other areas that the patient usually has to address to aid the car plan.

  6. I have been dealing with migraines for years, and imitrex barely helps me, but then I started using Sinus Buster hot pepper nasal spray. I was scared the first time I tried it. A friend of mine recommended it and believe it or not it really works. There’s a burning feeling but it’s not too bad and it goes away quick. This is the first thing that ever truly worked on my headaches. I’ve been off imitrex for 6 months now. Has anybody else tried Sinus Buster?

  7. I am a 68 year old man and have never had the first headache but have been around others that do have them. I have had a sharp pain but only one strike at that.

  8. Hi,
    I have been reading your blog for sometime..well done! Lots of great information and links for migraineurs.

    I have to also complitment you..your blog was mentioned in “Neurology Today” a magazine for patients and providers that is part of the publications from the ANN. Just saw it in this months release.



  9. I have had migraine since I was a child. When it came, it is really a hard time to me. Could anyone give me some advice or treatment for that? Thanks a lot.

  10. I’m so excited! Twice I took a bath with horrible migraines and used a new body scrub (Christmas gift), and my migraines dissipated almost entirely. This has never happened so quickly. The body scrub was from Crabtree & Evelyn, and it had cocoa butter, Cardamom, and nutmeg in it. Does anyone else know if these ingredients are known for helping with migraines?

  11. Im 15 yrs old I get headaches everyday.
    I take asprin everyday & sometimes im lucky and get one day off but thats really rare…the weirdest thing that can start my headaches is light! bright light…sometimes my eyes are senstive and when it happens its like a shock goes to my head..then my headache starts…it sucks…! other times I have it in the back of the neck and on my temples…I need help…or suggestions… :/

    Have you seen a doctor about your headaches? Getting a diagnosis — like if you headaches are migraine or tension-type — will help decide the best treatment for you.

    Taking aspirin or other over-the-counter painkillers nearly every day can cause rebound headaches. Basically, longterm use of painkillers can cause headaches. It is common for people who have occasional headaches to work up to taking enough painkiller to cause rebound headaches without even realizing it.

    The way to treat rebound headaches (also called medication overuse headaches) is to stop taking the medications. The withdrawal period is anywhere from a few days to a couple months and it can be miserable. But it is worth it if it makes the headaches better in the end. Here’s a post you might find helpful:

    Light is a pretty common headache trigger, so you’re not losing your mind! Sensitivity to light is also a major symptom of headache.

    Let me know if there’s anything else I can help you with.

    Take care,

  12. I recently had general anesthesia (3 weeks ago) and since then I have had a headache over my right eye that will not go away. It goes between 2-9 on a scale of 1-10, but never leaves. I have had an MRI, Blood work eye exam etc. and the headaches persist without solutions. Help. Thanks,
    Edie/ Previous to this, I never had a headache that did not go away after a few hours, or with asperin.

    I’m sorry, but I don’t have any suggestions for you. Seeing a neurologist is your best bet.

    Best of luck.


  13. Hope these resources in English and Spanish can help people find some answers.
    I have suffered tension headache (headaches caused primarily by sustained muscle tension or, possibly, by restricted blood flow to the brain. Steady pain, and is usually felt on both sides of the head.)
    Probably related to not sleeping well and work related stress. I have used Beta blockers, muscle relaxants and many other things. I have never resorted to alternative medicine because I have not needed to. I am better now. However, when on this medicines I have to be careful not to drive my car. Thanks a lot for caring about this problem.

    Francisco Santander

    Thanks for the information.


  14. hi i nit the back of my hard 4 days ago and i am having head ache and dizzers all the time i have had this for 4 days know and all what i want to know is will it go away or should i go and see my GP?

    Yes! Definitely see your GP. It’s probably not serious, but you need to get it checked out to be sure.


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